How To Make Sure You Choose Their Best Dissertation Topic

By | August 20, 2017

How To Make Sure You Choose Their Best Dissertation Topic

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3 Things I Loved & Hated About Being an Au-Pair

By | July 16, 2015

Au-Pair in Spain

My Top 3 Things I LOVED/HATED!

My Au-pair experience took place the summer of 2009 in sunny Spain for three months with two families outside of Madrid and Barcelona. I always played with the idea of being an Au-Pair when I was younger, but it wasn’t until I saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona, that I really decided to make it happen. Did I have a magical summer drinking vino with Javier Bardem admiring the art of the city? Mmmmmmm, I wish! I did have an “interesting” experience. It was supposed to be with one family, but it turned out to be with two families because it didn’t quite work out with the first one. More to say about that in future posts!

Spanish, Spain, Au-Pair, Tips

Once upon a time I was an Au-Pair in Spain for 3 months…

Here are 3 things I loved & Hated about being an Au-Pair.



This is a cool way to experience living with a family and embracing a cultural immersion. You get to see how they live, what they eat,experience their customs and traditions, and even get better at a language. Sometimes we think that everybody does things the same way, or we wouldn’t think there was another way to do things. By living with a family you can experience and see the contrast of cultures. I enjoyed watching the families get together for parties, watching them cook, and even observing what they did for a holiday or festival. You get to really experience the culture more than if you were to stay at a hotel, or hostel. Couchsurfing is a great way to experience a culture, but actually spending a longer period of time with a family is more next level. Ya know? :)

Paella, Au-Pair

Mmmmm, for the LOVE of PAELLA!


I always think children speaking foreign languages are super adorable, unless they are running after you with Cheetos and sticky, cheesy fingers which has happened to me. The parents were like,”So Cute!”. And I’d be like yeah, and running away from the little cheese monster! But for the most part they are adorbs!


I think it’s a really cool overall experience to be an Au-Pair. An Au-Pair is one who goes abroad and lives with a family taking care of children, teach them a language, and perhaps cleaning ( This all depends on your contract.) in exchange for board, food and some spending money. That’s a pretty sweet deal! Although I didn’t have the most positive experience, I would definitely encourage my daughter (My unborn one! :) ) to be an Au-Pair!

Au-Pairs, Spain, Aupair tips, Travel

A night in Madrid with fellow Au-Pairs I met from an Au-Pair Facebook Page!



This was not from the first family, but the second family. If you have trust issues, you really should not be a host family because it makes it very uncomfortable for the Au-Pair and it’s just plain RUDE! The mother did not want me to have keys to their apartment in Barcelona. They said what happens if you meet someone on the street and you give the keys and they rob us? Really? How did you even come up with that story in your head? Also, she didn’t want me to use her computer when my computer crashed. Lady, I really don’t want to read your files. She didn’t want me to take her 2 year old in a pool at the camp we were at, which wasn’t even deep, because she said what would happen if you drowned my baby? We spent a month at a camp outside of Barcelona, and when we were finally back to the city, they wanted to go back to the camp for the weekend. I wanted to stay in Barcelona, so I had to sleep over the husband’s ex-wife’s house because for some reason I was not able to stay at their apartment. It was really weird. What is actually weirder is this mother was an Au-Pair in London and Sydney. I have a hunch she was sneaky and did things at her Au-Pair host homes, which then she might think I would do the same? Is she projecting her behaviour? Whatever the case, if you have trust issues, DO NOT HAVE AN AU-PAIR! It makes it very awkward! It’s not nice! lol Sheesh, we have to explain common sense.


The first family was good with this, except for once, but no biggie. The second family was not consistent in giving me my weekly “pocket money” let’s call it. As an Au-Pair you’re not really making a lot of money because it’s not a job. It’s more an experience and an exchange, however it’s considerate if your host family pays you on a certain day and you don’t have to ask for it.

A-Pair, Tips, Travel, Gap Students

Beautiful home, but where am I?


The first family was outside of Madrid in a very quiet neighbourhood. It was not a village, but rather an area close to Guadalajara where there were big houses! Although it was beautiful, it was not accessible to Madrid on a daily with my schedule or unless I had a car. The distance was about an hour and a half, or more to get to the centre, and I finished my Au-Pair duties at 5:00 p.m. This meant that I wouldn’t get there until almost 7:00 p.m. and could only stay for a little bit, as I need to be on the last bus which was not in the centre of Madrid. It was a bit annoying. For anyone who wants to be a future Au-Pair, really take a look of the distances and the accessibility to where it is you want to go. The second family said we were going to be in a camp for 2 weeks. It turned into 3 weeks. Then it turned into a month! When you are speaking to families, ask if they are going on vacations and find out exactly where you will be!

If you have any questions about being an Au-Pair, ask me in the comment box below!

Happy Travels,


I’m going to Greece next week!

By | June 2, 2014

I’m happy that it’s Monday and I can finally say ” Next week I’ll be in Greece!” Yay! With so much happening around, I haven’t really been as excited as I usually would be. Now thinking about it, I wonder if it’s because the weather has been cooler in Toronto than most years, and I haven’t been feeling that summertime vibe?

Whatever the case, I am super excited that I am going to Ellada ( Greece in Greek!) It’s been almost two years since I went last, which was for an entire month in August of 2012. Time is funny, sometimes moments feel like yesterday, but so long ago at the same time…. Hmmm…. Well, this time I’m going for 16 days starting with flying to Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city and returning to Toronto from Athens, the capital. With a limited amount of time, I’m trying to do a little bit of everything, which when visiting a country like Greece, can be hard! So many places, and not enough time!

My Itinerary is going something like this:

June 12 – Fly to Thessaloniki via Paris with Air Canada and then Aegean Airlines.
June 13 – Land in Thessaloniki, Macedonia Airport – Go straight to Kozani – 2 hours away
June 14 – Attends my cousin’s big fat Greek wedding! Apparently there will be 400 or 450 from what the bride told me!
June 15 – Kozani – Family
June 16 – Gallivanting around Thessaloniki.
June 17 – More Thessaloniki, and if I can a swim in Halkidiki, who knows?
June 18 – Fly to Skyros Island via Athens! Wooooo! This is where I spent some wonderful moments in Greece last year!
June 18 – 22 Drink Frappe, Fredo, or Ouzo with the Aegean Sea as my view. Have fun with Maria! Flirt with cute Greek guys.
June 22/23 – Go to Athens, and perhaps take the Ferry to Paros island.

That’s all I’ve got so far! I am thinking for after Skyros, to not really plan my trip and see where the road takes me. I don’t really like to have everything planned out. So, yeah! Woooooo, Greece baby! BTW, the picture above has no filter. Yup, yup, hahahhaha Yeah, baby Aegean sea! OPA BABY OPA!

Amorgos, Greece, Cyclades, Ellada, Island, Aegean

Amorgos Island

My bean soup has come a long way

By | March 13, 2014

Bean, Soup, Elaine

Elaine’s Bean Soup

It is here I present to you my bean soup I made last night! Ta-dahhhhhh…. Let me tell ya, it’s come a long way since my first attempt when I was 18 years old living in an apartment in Athens. I had no clue you shouldn’t add salt to your soup at the beginning, as it would harden the beans. There I was cooking my “fasolada” soup for 4 hours, checking every 20 minutes on the status of what was happening. Was it because I didn’t have a pressure cooker I wondered? lol….Oh my……

Well, here it is…. Nothing fancy, but it has come a long way since then! Please note, I am not a chef. I just know how to chop salads well. 😛 Follow my Instagram – Bitches Love Salad Also, I should note, I’ve added beets which I typically wouldn’t add in the bean soup I usually make. I LOVE beets and they remind me of the Russian borscht soup.


* beans – I’m not quite sure how much. Was it a cup? 😛
*1 carrot
*2 celery stalks
*1 onion
*2 cloves of garlic
*tomato sauce, just a bit
*3 beets – bulbs do they call them?
*1/2 bay leaves, sure why not.
*1 potato
*some olive oil
*salt —— USE TOWARDS THE END!! lol

1.I first soak my beans in water.
2.Then boil them for a bit.
4.Add all the ingredients, except for the salt until end.
6. Enjoy! :)

Until next time! 😛

100 Reasons Why I Am A Fit For G Adventures

By | March 11, 2014

Elafonissi Beach, Crete, Greece, G Adventures.

Elafonissi Beach, Crete, Greece

Here are a hundred reasons why I think I am fit & want the role of Creative Videographer/Editor with G Adventures.

1. I have a similar beliefs & core values as G Adventures.
2. I see myself as a great fit that I even made a travel resume video to show:

3. I am passionate about video.
4. I have Final Cut pro X & iMovie skills.
5. I am currently part-time at George Brown College for Video & Film Production.
6. I completed Social Media Marketing at George Brown College.
7. I studied Hotel Management in Athens, Greece at a Swiss Hotel College for three years.
8. I have basic Adobe Creative Suite skills. (Basic for now. 😛 )
9. I have a YouTube channel with over 500 videos that are travel related/living inspiration.
10. I have a desire to travel around the world & have been since I was 16 years old.
11. I have worked in travel & tourism for 12 years.
12. In 2011, I travelled once a month to make YouTube videos around the world because it’s my passion.
13. I have 1,346,815 YouTube views with 1793 subscribers.
and this was before taking professional classes at George Brown for video & film.
14. I can figure out technical things by myself.
15. If you give me any camera, I will figure out how to use it and not ask how.
16. I want to be a part of a bigger vision.
17. I speak an intermediate level of Spanish.
18. I speak an intermediate level of Greek.

Couchsurfers from Australia

Couchsurfers from Australia

19. I hold three passports: Australian, Canadian & Greek.
20. I can get lost in making travel videos for hours.
21. I am passionate about travel & video so much that it doesn’t feel like work.
22. I love learning.
23. I am a passionate person.
24. I know how to create a following with social media.
25. I am a content creator.
26. I invest in education.
27. I am a backpacker & couch-surfer. Having studied hotel management, I can appreciate a hotel too.
28. I self-teach to better myself with new skills.
29. I am highly creative.
30. I can tell a strong story.
31. I have to capture everything on video!
32. I have an entrepreneurial spirit.
33. I can travel anywhere alone.
34. I have worked in the Caymans serving Pina Coladas barefoot, because when will you ever get an opportunity?
35. I was an exchange student to Monterrey, Mexico when I was 16 years old to learn Spanish for three months.
36. I have worked on the Greek islands.
37. I have spent a year in Lake Louise as Food & Beverage Coordinator, but preferred what I did outside the office.

First Meal in Jamaica

First Meal in Jamaica

38. I value experiences.
39. I believe in myself.
40. I love exploring new places.
41. I know how to work with little or no supervision.
42. I am a very open person, and can speak to anyone.
43. I feel as though this entire world in my office space.
44. I can work alone or with a team.
45. I love marketing.
46. I don’t have a serious relationship or children that could tie me down.
47. I was born to travel. Do you know anyone else with 3 passports?
48. I always felt this Whitesnake song “Here I go again on my own” was meant for me travelling & working around the world.

49. I believe travel is the best way to spend your money.
50. I am highly organized.
51. I can meet deadlines.
52. I have to work at a company I believe in.
53. My dream job is to capture travel experiences & share them with the world.
54. I am actually paying someone for video consulting to better my video production.
55. I have to live a travel lifestyle or else I won’t be living my authentic life.

Carti, San Blas, Panama

Carti, San Blas, Panama

56. I believe you have to do a job you believe in, and love.
57. I love adventure.
58. I can work hard/play hard.
59. My future is video marketing in the tourism industry.
60. I love Aristotle’s quote, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”
61. I have attention to detail.
62. I am a story-teller.
63. I can work anywhere in the world.
64. I am adaptable to change.
65. I think I would fit in very well.
66. I have high energy.

Buying Yummy Fruit in Santo Domingo from a Palenquera

Buying Yummy Fruit in Santo Domingo from a Palenquera

67. I am a fast learner.
68. I have a keen eye to what looks great in video.
69. I am able to handle criticism.
70. I am able to listen to what you want in order to know what to create.
71. I have a willingness to learn.
72. I am open-minded to new ideas/strategies.
73. I have video-editing in mind before shooting.
74. I look at other travel videos to see their spin/concept.
75. Ability to cut footage that does not serve.
76. I can work with a limited budget.
77. I took a basic Italian language class. Ok, so I can’t remember much.
78. I keep an eye on your postings to find a match.
79. I am proud you’re from Toronto. #TorontoRepresent :)
80. I heard you guys have 4:00 p.m drinks on Friday’s! YAY!
81. I don’t know how to do everything, but I can find out how!
82. I believe if we did what we loved, we live longer, happier & healthier lives.
83. I can manage multiple projects.

Elaine Sailing on Lake Ponchartrain, Louisiana

Elaine Sailing on Lake Ponchartrain, Louisiana

84. I have strong communication & interpersonal skills.
85. I am passionate about life.
86. All I want to do is make travel videos…. seriously. :)
87. I love culture.
88. I love history.
89. I love trying new things.
90. I love Bruce Poon Tip. haha Just joking. I don’t know him. He seems cool though.
91. I am a travel person.
92. I really feel this position is in alignment with who I am and what I want to do.
93. I want to work for G Adventures.
94. I want to use my creative & technical skills in something I believe in.
95. The thought of working for G Adventures makes me happy.
96. I have an innovative & artistic mindset.
97. I ready to be a CEO of this Videographer/Editor role!
98. I am improving my skills daily!
99. I would LOVE to work for G Adventures.
100. I am ready to change the world!