Raise Your Vibrations with LOA Dancing Bachata!

By | January 3, 2011

Everyone, I am loving Bachata!!!!!!!!  Watch this clip of Ataca Jorgie and La Alemana. I love they way the move together to the sound the music. The rhythm to Latin music just captures my heart. Can’t explain what it does, but it definitely raises my vibration to a happier place. I have danced this before at Latin Clubs here in Toronto, but there is definitely more room for me to learn to twist, dip, and flow my booty to that beat! LOVE LOVE IT!
What would life look like if you implemented all the things that brought you joy and to a happier place? :P.
As I have mentioned, I have implemented my permavacay ( permanent vacation lifestyle which is working the first three weeks of the month, and having the last week for a vacation.) In January I will be going to Cuba to take salsa dance classes. Perhaps in February I will go to the Dominican Republic where this style of dancing Bachata originates from. That would be just so F–king FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! I am already excited just thinking about it!
Another well known Bachata song is Obsesion by Aventura which was popular years ago, and a song I am sure you are familiar with.  I love this music video too as it takes you to the island and you can feel the music. Or at least  I can! That’s it, book me a ticket to the Dominican Republic!

Cheers to Your Success,

Elaine Sarantakos
Fabulous Living Coach

Fabulous Living Coach is a Toronto based Life Coach

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