How to Deal With Haters!

By | January 12, 2011

Dear Elaine,
If I had one question for a fabulous living coach – I’d ask how best to handle all the haters in the world …. including those who are in your inner family circle. Jealousy is the worst trait a person can be poisoned by in my opinion …. and the haters I am referring to fit that category.
Best Regards, Anonymous
Dear Anonymous,
There is gonna be haters in your life, but the truth is what haters think of you in none of your business!!!! You read correctly, IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!  As you start living your fabulous life designed exactly the way you want it and you start doing well for yourself, people may see a shift in you. You might also see a shift in them which may bring out their “haterness”. The reason for this is because you are beginning to really do well for yourself and you are shifting into a higher vibrational frequency. Everyone has different levels of energy. Your energy and what you are doing for yourself and your family does not match their reality.You want to put yourself around people who are going to inspire you, not drag you down. You know what I mean, because when you are with them you can feeeeeeeeel them trying to bring you down. Now it is true you cannot choose your family members, however you can choose what perspective you will look at the situation with. For example, my Greek Grandma is from another generation, so it would be crazy for me to think that she would understand what the heck I am talking about in living on a permanent vacation every month. Or my grandfather told me not to do Reiki, because he thinks I am doing magic and to go out there and get a real job!! LOL!!! You see what I mean?
You will also notice that when you start reaching out for your dreams and start taking action, those around you may also shift because through your energy shift , as it gives them the time to think and evaluate what they have been doing with their life. You see that is not anything against you, but making them think of themselves.
The most important thing is to NOT focus on them hating. The Law of Attraction states by Esther & Jerry Hicks, ” That is is like unto itself, is drawn.”  So, by you focusing on them being haters you are feeling it, affirming it, and asking questions as to why? This is actually causing this to manifest even larger and larger to the point where it will actually seem bigger than life. 
Keep on living your life the way you want to!  Through haters, you may get even more motivation for reaching for your goals! Don’t even pay the haters any attention. Well you never know, you might even inspire them!
Lots of Love,
Elaine Sarantakos
Fabulous Living Coach

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