Those Were The Best Days of My Life! – Back in the summer of 69 :P

By | January 13, 2011

As I am waking up this morning having my sweeeeet cup of java, I heard the song Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams on the radio.  What a FEEL GOOD SONG!!!!!!! It’s a oldie, but a classic song as far as I am concerned. I don’t know about you, but it instantly lifts my spirits and makes me reminiscence to memories that were full of fun, life and excitement. It has to be one of my top songs for connecting with the Law of Attraction.
In the song he starts it off by saying, ” I got my first real six-string, Bought it at the five-and-dime, Played ’til my fingers bled, It was summer of ’69.”  In the song I guess he picked up his old guitar he bought, ” his six-string” and as he plays it he starts reliving this summer of 69 which were the best days of his life.  :) He says, ” Oh when I look back now, That was seems to last forever, And if I had the choice, Ya – I’d always wanna be there.Those were the best days of my life.” He is talking about the good old days, the days that were alive and full of great times!!!!!!

I bet everyone has their own personal “summer of 69″!  Time periods that stick out more than others, making you smile at what a wonderful time you had.  You know what I am talking about I am sure!!!( I really think that’s one reason why I always liked living and exploring different parts of the world, because it was all new full of these kinds of memories.)

What was your favourite time period? Your summer of 69?

Now what I request from all of you( and that is including myself  😛 ) is to start creating your summer of 69 NOW! Yes, a good season, summer or year could have past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your life full of excitement right now!!!!!!!!!

Top 10 Ways To Create Your Summer of  69 NOW
  • Be open-minded  in trying new things. You never know what you will like unless you try!
  • Start living in the PRESENT MOMENT of today and not the past in the summer of 69!
  • Allocate time for yourself weekly for just YOU. ( That means something alone, it’s for YOU!)
  • Exercise 3 – 4 times a week. Get those endorphins released!
  • Feed your fabulous body with with 8 cups of water a day!
  • Surround yourself with people who will inspire you!
  • Start living your life surrounded by your passions. What do you LOVE doing?
  • Wake up saying what you are grateful for.
  • Explore fun events that are taking place in your city!
  • Be the AUTHENTIC YOU! Life your life the way YOU want to!!!

Stay Fabulous,

Elaine Sarantakos
Fabulous Living Coach

Fabulous Living Coach is a Toronto Based Life Coach!

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