Sharing My Travel Journey of Living on a Permanent Vacation

By | January 16, 2012

The Panama Canal

Throughout all of my years living abroad whether studying, working in Hotel Management or taking part of exchange/Au-Pair programs, I have always wanted to share with people my cultural travel experiences. There were so many things experienced that I would have never experienced had I not gone. These things experienced were not just any travel experiences, but more a cultural immersion with locals, giving the real flavour of what the country was all about. Everyone thought I was crazy for not staying in Toronto. “She’s unstable, she’s flighty.” “When is she going to settle down?” They thought I was crazy, when in fact I thought that they were the ones that were really crazy. Do you even know how beautiful this world is? Who in the right mind would agree to 2 weeks vacation a year? ” Elaine, you’re so unrealistic.” Well, I think the only reason why people work 40 – 60 hours a week with 2 weeks vacation a year is because the system programmed us like that.

Elaine in Monterrey, Mexico on a cultural exchange program at 16.

My office on the beach while living in Grand Cayman, working as a beach girl.

Time after time, I wished I could share my authentic travel experiences. Being in Mexico for three month on a cultural exchange program when I was 16, Studying Hotel Management in Athens for three years, working in Halkidiki and the island of Rhodes in during the summers, and then working in the Caymans for a year. You have to see what I saw, it was magical! Then something amazing happened, digital cameras came out! WOO HOO! A world of online social media started with Facebook! Now, I was able to share my travel pictures and share! So, I shared my year on Facebook when I lived in Lake Louise, Alberta as well as my Au-Pair experience the summer of 2009 in sunny Spain. As the world shifted to online social media, I could now share and inspire people to visit places they had never even considered before. As Charlie Sheen says, ” Winning!” LOL

In 2011, I set out to live my dream reality of working 3 weeks, and taking a vacation the last week of every month. 12 months, 12 vacation in my dream reality of Living on a Permanent Vacation. I would blog, You Tube, make Facebook posts and Tweet! I shared it all!

Jan: Varadero & Havana, Cuba
Feb: New Orleans, U.S.A
Mar: London, U.K
Apr: Paris, France
May: NYC, U.S.A
Jun: Madrid, Granada, Tarifa, Sevilla, Spain
Jul: Toronto, Canada
Aug: Oahu & Maui, U.S.A
Sep: Panama City & San Blas Islands, Panama
Oct: Montreal, Canada
Nov: Montego Bay & Negril
Dec: Quebec City, Canada

What made me really happy was being able to video tape these moments of randomness while travelling and uploading on You Tube to share with the world! I didn’t realize at the beginning of the year, that what I was doing was creating my own type of travel show on You Tube that people would watch. In August I attended a workshop, where I wrote our three goals I wanted to manifest. I wrote, ” I want to have a travel reality show, showing authentic travel experiences online & on T.V within 7 months.

A few weeks later a girl on Facebook messaged me about an opportunity to be a Travel Host for an online series. Not only was it a travel host position, but the exact type of travelling I do which is out of the box, with backpacking and couchsurfing experience! I was sooooooo excited!

Here is a video about my audition process:

Please comment, like and subscribe on You Tube! Thank you for all of your support!!

Elaine xoxo

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