I’m in our king size bed at The Samsara Resort in Negril.

By | January 26, 2012

Room in Samsara Resort

November 30th, 2011

I’m in our king size bed at The Samsara Resort in Negril. With who? Oh, the Czech man I met 2 days ago at The Bethel Court Bed & Breakfast in Montego Bay silly. Wink Wink…… I am lying down in our king size bed which is in a large open bungalow with mint green curtains. Our bungalow is sooooo cute in the middle of lush green nature. Who would have known I would have ended up here? I certainly didn’t… but I’m sure glad I did!

My Czech friend & I having some yummy Jamaican food.

I could have stayed in Montego Bay at the hostel alone since there weren’t many backpackers to explore with or I had the option of going with a handsome friend from Prague to explore Negril. My Czech friend and I had so much fun in Montego Bay, so it wasn’t even a question to contemplate. And here I am lying in our beautiful room!!!! He is off to exchange our US currency to Jamaican dollars and to buy some fruits on the road for breakfast. I keep using the word “our” as if we are together. Well I guess that is what it seems like to everyone. I keep telling people I am single and they just think I’m trying to be funny. lol No really, I just met this dude 2 days ago. lol

Outside Our Bungalow

To Be Continued……….

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