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By | January 26, 2013

My latest marketing(or I should say unmarketing) book read was Scott Stratten’s UnMarketing – Stop Marketing. Start Engaging, where you can see many case studies in the power of unmarketing and how to engage with customers through online social media marketing.

Company: Rockport – Shoes
Twitter: Someone DM Scott saying that they had the most perfect shoes for him and would hook him up. They sent him 3 pairs of shoes with no letter in the box asking to even talk and review them on Twitter. Scoot describes this as a “Triple reverse mind screw,” knowing he wanted him to talk about the shoes. Scott wanted to talk about the shoes! Not only did he talk about the shoes on Twitter, he wore them to presentations! The designer sent them because he had a big mouth, a big online presence and he knew he’d help him out. What Scott loved was that this guy sent it from his own personal account instead of the companies.

Company: FreshBooks – Online Invoicing, time-tracking & expense service.
Twitter: A virtual assistant from Boston, Michelle Wolverton tweeted about being stood up on a date. A FreshBooks rep tweeted back that they’d never stand her up. Not only did they do this, but they sent her flowers the next day!!! How cool is that?

Company: DarkHorse – Local Coffee Shop
Twitter: April Dunford complained on Twitter how there wasn’t enough outlets as most of their customers are entrepreneurs working from their computers while enjoying some coffee. Dark horse instead of addressing the complaint in a positive light with customer service says ” @aprildunford that’s awesome… we are in the coffee business, not the office business. We have plenty of outlets to do what we need… ( OMG, Can you believe that???? ) Not only did they say that but further commented. This was their customer service which was retweeted several times. Not very good for their brand!!!!

Company: Lush – Bath & Soap
In-Person: Scott describes his experience walking into Lush as running into a long-lost friend. This is sooo true! Every time I’ve walked into Lush, I have felt the same. Everyone is always positive, happy, friendly and starts a conversation with you. I remember going before Valentine’s Day and one of the staff showed me around to new soaps and even showed me really cool Valentine’s Day soaps where you have ex-boyfriend soaps where you can watch you ex’s head dissolve. LOL It’s a fun, happy, friendly place where you feel welcomed!

Domino’s – Pizza
You Tube/Twitter: Who wants to go out in a storm? Not me! Not Amy Ravit Korin! In April of 2009 during a bad storm, Amy ordered a pizza that came not only an hour late, but wrong. She tweeted about this while her new pizza was on the way, and was acknowledged thinking she’d probably get a coupon or something like that in the mail. The next morning she woke up to a video on You Tube of Ramon & Junior the store manager of that specific franchise apologizing for what had happened. It was liked, forwarded, shared, tweeted with more than 100,000 views. How cool is that?

Tassimo – Coffee & Machine
Marketing Strategy via Twitter: Duri Al-Ajrami, a Director of Social Marketing for Ogilvy Canada approached Scott in a social media marketing strategy in growing conversation about the new Tassimo coffee machine online. Instead of mass TV advertising which was not in the budget, they purchased 1,000 machines to give away to influential people with an online presence in Canada. Scott was one of them! They discovered who the most influential people were and then sent emails asking of they’s like to try the Tassimo coffee machine for free. Who would say no right? Scott loved it and starting tweeting about it, as did many other who had received the machine. Duri then sent another email asking the influential people of 10 other people they could sent it out as gifts on the basis they had an online social media presence. You can imagine the conversations? The approach was unique, buzz-worthy and got people talking!

These are a few of many great examples of the power of UnMarketing your Brand. To view my Pinterest board full of pictures, thoughts, and quotes: UnMarketing #GBSMM

Please share with me below a great Social Media Marketing book you’d recommend!

Thanks, Elaine

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