Designing Your Life By Imagination

By | January 31, 2011

Look into the ocean of possibilities! How do you want to design your life?

Going to Cuba was my first journey of the year, in my year long mission of living on a permanent vacation.  2 days in Varadero at a resort and 5 days in Havana couch surfing! This year I am living and designing my life completely from my imagination in a world of possibilities. In a world outside the box which allows me to live by creation of my imagination. Living in a reality that is not the norm of how society thinks I should live my life.

There is no right or wrong in how we want to live our life. Our fabulous life is for us to create. For us to define our own definition of what “Fabulous Living” means to us. The enjoyment of truly living our fabulous life, is when we align it with our values, passions, and integrity. That is when the magic fully comes into play. When we get out of our way!

The Universe says you can do, be and have anything you want.

This year I am implementing living on a permanent vacation. That means designing my life and business of working three weeks and then having a week off every month to go on Vacation! I started with Varadero & Havana in Cuba for January. February looks like New Orleans, U.S.A! I want to implement this lifestyle and write my first book of this journey! Life Coaching , Designing Your Life with a mix of travel. I know that’s not everyone’s ideal life, but it’s what my imagination is telling me. That’s what matters, listening to yourself! Going within!

How do you want to design your life?  I mean how do youuuuuuuuuu really want to live it? Forget about what others think. What do you want to do? I am here to help you co-create anything you wish to achieve! Please contact me for a 30 minute session to see if coaching is for you!  I tell ya your life is worth designing your way!

Stay Fabulous,
Elaine Sarantakos

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