Watching My Dreams Manifest, Video on Thomas Cook Airlines to Gatwick

By | February 7, 2013


Hey Everyone,

I wanted to share with you this old video I found on my You Tube Channel that I created in flight on Thomas Cook Airlines to Gatwick in March 2011. Watching this almost 2 years later, and having entered a few days ago in My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List, I’m thinking OMG are my travel dreams really coming true???? In the video I talk about manifesting my travel dreams and eventually having people pay me & finance me to travel around the world! To an extent my travel dreams have already come true, but this contest I tell ya is taking it to the next level!

For those of you who don’t know, in 2011 I completed a travel project of “Living on a Permanent Vacation,” where each month I would work three weeks in Canada, while having the last week of every month off to go on vacation blogging & vlogging my experience. From all of my colourful travel experiences in my life up until that point, whether it was an exchange program to Mexico for three month, an Au-Pair in Spain, studying in Greece, working on the Greek Islands, Cayman Islands or Canadian Rockies, I remember always wanting to share with people my travel experiences. They asked why I was always going away. Back then we didn’t live in the social media world that we do today( Do you remember that world?? LOL Seems like eons ago.), so I wasn’t able to share all of these magical experiences in the way I can today. In my project year of my dream reality in 2011, I was able to do that.

To finance this out of the box lifestyle for a year, I travelled to destinations where I found good deals on flights, couchsurfed, stayed in hostels, while occasionally staying in hotels. This opportunity with My Destination would be at the exactly the same in the sense I would be vlogging and blogging, however this time I’d have them finance it, I’d have a lot more funding to experience only the best in the destinations, and I’d have a larger audience sharing my travel experiences. ( Btw, I love online social media and am currently taking Social Media Marketing at George Brown College. :) ) It really would be a dream coming true!!! Watching this video two years later, and seeing the journey I’ve been on, it’s really cool watching this all happen. Watch the video to see how I was talking back then!

Having entered in this travel competition, if I’m chosen, I would win a trip around the world to 25 countries for 6 months to 6 continents with spending money & a nice prize when I come home. SWEEEEEEET!!!! In order to be considered as a potential candidate, I need to make it in the top 10 with the highest votes, and then they interview and select who they think is the best person fit for this role. I PRAY!!!!

I need your help to make my travel dreams come true!!! Please click on the link below & vote!!!!

Thanks so much!! Elaine :)

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