Meeting The Italians in Varadero, Cuba

By | February 12, 2011

If you have been following my blog and You Tube, you may have noticed I had some videos about me taking Italian classes in Toronto as well as wanting to go to Italy to meet a hot Italian man to learn Italian. 
WANTED WANTED HOT ITALIAN MAN TO LEARN ITALIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To me it seems like the easiest and funnest way to learn Italian.  Mama Mia! lol
So, then as I was in Cuba on my second day I ran into two Italian guys named Marco and Amadeo and it went something like this! Watch You Tube Video below!
I thought to myself instantly hmmmmm it’s through my thoughts I manifested to meet them! Your thoughts do create your future! I don’t believe in coincidences or random events. Whatever is meant to be will be!  I was telling Marco how I wanted to go to Italy in the summer. Marco of course couldn’t promise me anything in Italy, but  he’d see around for jobs if I wanted to go this summer to Italy. Grazie Universe. Let’s not make any set plans and see what will unfold in the present moment! Even if I went for a few weeks I’d be just as happy. :)

It was so fun making this video for starters because it wasn’t planned to talk about this stuff. It was only until we started talking that I thought we need this on camera! It was really nice talking with both of them. They met at the resort and both came individually to Cuba. Marco was from close to Naples and is a lawyer. Amadeo if I understood correctly produces movies. Which is when I thought, oh this is perfect because you can film our You Tube Video!!

lol ahhhhhhhh Can’t wait to go to Italy!

Admadeo & Elaine
Marco & Elaine, Hey he was in Cuba for a month so his tan makes me look bad! 😛
 Marco was touring all around  for two months in Cuba and liked Cienfuego the most because it was the real Cuba. He found Varadero to be too touristy. He decided to actually only stayed 2 nights instead of 3 for this reason. It’s interesting because there are many types of travelers and we felt we were the same kind. We like to travel abroad alone for many reasons including self-discovery, exploration and adventure! In Canada, so many people thought it was so odd to travel alone. In Cuba I met so many people doing the same thing! It’s nice to know sometimes that you are not alone in your thoughts. :)
We had fun drinking cervezas and rum punch on the beach. We went for lunch at the buffet restaurant. I learned this song while eating bananas from Amadeo. Apparently it’s a silly song in Italian about Bananas being the only fruit of love. Well read in between the lines, it also refers to a mans part. Now the reason why it was funny was because it was in another language, so it was interesting to know what these wild Italian sing for a joke and secondly it reminded me of some Greek humour while living there. Sometimes I would hear the stupidest things, but because I am from Canada it would be so funny. Like what are you saying? ha ha
After lunch we went to have a coffee. This is where the Italians come in and say this is not real coffee. Italians are pretty proud I’d say about their coffee.  In Italy they consider coffees to be espresso, cappuccino, or machiato. Machiato sounds really fancy but it’s just espresso with a splash of milk. 😛  In North America we are more use to filtered coffee or percolated coffee. Even when I spent three months as an Au-Pair in Spain the summer of 2009, I never would see North American style coffee. They would have cafe con leche, coffee with milk, but it would be a lot shorter. We had a coffee, or let’s say I had a coffee and then went back to the beach.

When we were a the beach, I was thinking man I really need to go to Italy if I want to learn any Italian because I didn’t pick it up by taking Italian classes in Toronto. Maybe if I had studied more I would have just a bit more. I honestly think the best way to learn any language is to immerse yourself in the country where they speak the language. I don’t speak perfect Spanish, but I do know it helped me in feeling comfortable in expressing myself and allowing the words to naturally come to me.

It was nice meeting these guys in my experience. :) I wish them most the best of luck!

Elaine Sarantakos
Fabulous Living Coach
Fabulous Living Coach is a Toronto Based Life Coach

* Thank you for Following My Travels. I will be blogging my journey of Living on a Permanent Vacation this year with 3 weeks or work and one week on vacation.  January Trip –  Varadero & Havana, Cuba. February Trip – New Orleans, U.S.A, March – let’s see where the Universe takes me!*

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