My Confession, My Lie, My Biggest Baddest Bucket List

By | February 21, 2013

Elaine lies about what she would eat to win a competition. LIER!!!

Elaine lies about what she would eat to win a competition. LIER!!!

I have a confession that I’d like to make online that I said in order to win My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List. I LIED! Yup…… that’s right Neil Waller & James Street, Co-Founder’s of My Destination. I didn’t do it intentionally. Well, maybe…..I mean I want to win, so I need this CAN-DO attitude! To lie shows lack of integrity and professionalism, and I totally get it and agree. Maybe it’s like those people who lie on resumes stating that they have skills in order to land the job, when in fact they don’t know, but hope they can wing it and look online for some tutorial/You Tube videos while on the job. Yah, you know what I am talking about. YOU!!!!

Founders thinking, “If Elaine can lie to win, what else can she lie about????”

Founders of My Destination

Founders of My Destination

Seriously, it’s not a BIG LIE. Ok, so here is MY BIG FAT LIE, MY CONFESSION for the entry. Are you ready? Wait for it, wait for it…….. They asked me what I’d draw the line at for eating. I responded there is nothing I wouldn’t try once. Now at the time when submitting, I wasn’t lying because I believed my own lie. It occurred to me while having dinner with my awesome boyfriend Mark ( HI MARKY!!! :P), and he told me that it’s not true, and I wouldn’t eat anything. “What are you talking about Mark? Of course, I’d try anything at least once!!!” Then he asked me this question, “Elaine, are you saying that if they told you to eat donkey dick, that you’d eat it?” BAMMMM, he slammed me with that question. I guess not…… LOL, I mean if you are going to put it like that, then no! I don’t want to try donkey dick!

Donkey, Santorini, Greece

Donkey, Santorini, Greece

There I said it, and it feels good to get this BIG FAT LIE off my chest finally. I may not be down to eat just about anything, however that being said, I’d DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING to win!!!! Well, maybe not anything…..!!!!!! lol But close!!

I would do things such as make my Greek grandma do the Harlem Shake!!!

I would post videos and pictures of my Dogs!!! ” Hey everyone, I love dogs!!! If you are a dog lover, please vote for me!!!”

Video of Elaine returning home from Jamaica and her dogs! ( There are two more pups. They had Babies! Mazel tov, I know! It’s like Jerry Springer at my house, we are taking care of babies having babies!!!!)

Thank you everyone who has supported me in this journey in winning My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List.

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Thank you for understanding my confession. 😛

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