Landing in Quebec City & My Taxi Ride

By | February 22, 2012

View from Westjet flight of homes in Quebec City

December 31st, 2011

Lots of white powder everywhere is what I saw as we descended on our Westjet flight to Quebec City. I was soooo happy! It has been rather warm in Toronto lately. Gone are the days of having a white Christmas. I was scared that when I went to Quebec City for New Years Eve that there would be no snow. Everyone said the magic of Quebec City is with all the snow which is why when Montreal got dumped with snow 2 days after Christmas, so I was happy!

Here I was looking down from the airplane to a winter wonderland not scared as I came fully prepared with snow pants, ski base layers, fleece sweaters, gloves, a warm hat and my new winter Sorel boots!

Descending on Westjet Flight to Quebec City

I went to information at the airport and asked if there were any buses to the centre. She told me there are, but not on weekends. Taxis are available outside for a flat rate of $32.50. I was happy to do that! I walked outside where there was a line of taxis waiting.

Bonjour I said with a big smile. Ok, so maybe my accent when I say “Bonjour” sounds good, and it’s as though I can speak French, but after that there is nothing else. LOL…. My French accent is just terrible. I can understand a few words just from the Spanish I know, and understand more or less what they are saying at times. Not always, but at times. I told him Je m’applle Elaine. Je suis du Toronto. He was probably thinking another Canadian that doesn’t know French. hahaha He asked me something like Vous Avez companion which I understood if I have a boyfriend. No boyfriend porquoi je suis siempre en vacanses. LOL No Boyfriend because I am always on vacations!!! LOL Then I started looking in my French phrase book and starting reading to him. Fun times trying to communicate in foreign languages. He gave me his card and told me if I need anything to call. :)

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