Elaine’s Hot Dog Connections in Toronto

By | February 24, 2013

Elaine Sarantakos has hot dog connections in Toronto. Yuppers, it’s not uncommon for me to be walking on a street in downtown Toronto and notice either a family member or someone who my family knows selling hot dogs. Us hot dog peeps are connected! In the video above, I am downtown Toronto buying a hot dog on an early warm October day, when I soon discover the hot dog vendor knows my dad. See, I told you they all know each other!!! lol I met this man, and found out they used to party together in their 20’s. ” Good times!!!” My Dad’s hot dog friend didn’t charge me because he said he’d get into a fight with my Dad. lol Got the hook up! 😛

Showing My Cousin From Australia The Hot Dog Experience

Showing My Cousin From Australia The Hot Dog Experience

All of my father’s side of the family are hot dog vendors, well except for my Thea Eleni who lives in Athens, Greece. If she lived in Toronto, I suppose she’d sell hot dogs as well!! I remember in my younger years when I went to clubs(because I’m so old now. lol just joking), sometimes we’d go to grab a hot dog after the club, and when I’d look up, I’d see one of my aunts!!!! Oh, Hi Thea Maria! Hi Thea Theodora!!! Nice to see you!!! 😛

Below is a picture of my Thea Maria and I on Danforth. I love her!!! xoxox

Thea Maria & Elaine on Danforth

Thea Maria & Elaine on Danforth

When I was 14 years old, I worked in the hot dog business during the summertime on Skydome bridge. See that was way back when we called in Skydome, and not The Rogers Centre. I worked there until my father fired me one day for some reason, I can’t remember…LOL…. So if anyone ever asks me if I was fired, I can say yeah from Hot Dogs!!!! I still remember how to cook a hot dog!!!! I actually take a lot of pride in it! Also, when I am on the street, and I smell hot dogs and sausages, it takes me “Home” and I feel like I have a piece of my family with me. He he

Elaine Hot Dog Facts:

Hot Dogs or sausages? Sausages

What do you like on your hot dog or sausage?

I like ketchup, mustard, onions, olives and sauerkraut.

Who has the best hot dogs in North America?

Are you serious right now, that you even have to ask me? It’s quite obvious TORONTO has the best hot dog in North America. Please…… what is this NYC style hot dog on the streets, that are so tiny and boiled. Toronto knows how to make a hot dog, straight up!! T.O WHAT!!!!!

Would you ever go back into the Hot Dog business?

At this moment I am not thinking of getting back into the family business, however I don’t mind helping out for a day.

What is one hot dog memory you have?

I remember back in the day, we were able to serve cheese at the stands, there was this guy from Quebec and he was crazy for cheese. He kept saying I Love fromage, I LOVE fromage!!! He took all the cheese possible and ate it! I mean I know the French love their cheese….. lol

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