Top 10 Things To Do in Kensington Market, Toronto

By | February 27, 2014

1. Appreciate the really cool street art.

Kensington Market, Graffiti, Toronto, Art, Cool,

Graffiti, Kensington Market, Street art, Toronto, Cool,

Welcome To Kensington Market

Education, Tuition, Creative, Art, Kensington Market, Toronto

Creative way to raise money for tuition!

Creative, Art, Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada, Street Art

Now that’s creative!

2. Listen to live music whether it be on the street on in a bar!

Music, Live, Retro, Kensington Market, Toronto, Cool, Performance

Enjoying some good tunes a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Kensington Market, Toronto, Live performance, Band, Music,

Listening to a live band play while enjoying a nice glass of vino!

Cuban, Havana, Kensington Market, Toronto

Here I am having fun with some Cubanos!

3. Shop at many retro thrift shops!

Thrift, Courage My Love, Kensington Market, Toronto

Get a cool top for your next party for $5 from Courage My Love

Retro, Thrift, Vintage, Kensington Market, Toronto

Courage My Love

Retro, Thrift, Shop, Stores, Kensington Market, Toronto, Eclectic

Get the coolest retro style in Kensington Market!

4. Buy your fruits & veggies!

Toronto Market, Kensington Market, Toronto, Outdoor

Fresh Fruit & Veggies in the Market

Squirrel, Kensington Market, Toronto

Looks like the Squirrel like the market too!

5. Enjoy the Rasta vibes!

Rasta, Toronto, Rastafari, Shop, Natural , Products

One Love :)

Rasta, Genesis, Toronto, One Love, Kensington Market

Enjoying the vibes playing loud from the shop.

6. Shop for some Bohemian clothes! ( This is where I like to buy my dresses for the summer!)

Bohemian , Dresses, Clothing, India, Asia, Africa

Cool Bohemian Clothing

Indian, Dress, Clothing, Shopping, Kensington Market

Myself buying this Indian dress from Kensington Mall Shop. Love wearing it!

Bohemian Dress, Indian, Toronto, Kensington Market, Toronto

Rockin my Kensington Market dress in Skyros Island, Greece.

Toronto, Kensington Market, Dressesm Shopping

Enjoying my light summer dress from Kensington Market in the heat while travelling Skopelos, Greece.

7. Enjoy a drink on a patio!



And of course alcoholic…. 😛

Amadeus, Kensington Market, Toronto Sangria, Patio

Sangria at Amadeus on Augusta Ave on a warm September day.

And while listening to live music!


8. Enjoy the many ethnic restaurants/shops & all their flavours!

Kensington Market, Toronto, Thai, Mexican, Ethnic Flavours,

Delicious Flavours in Kensington.

Pizzaria Via Mercanti, Italian, Kensington Market

Pizzaria Via Mercanti

Churros, Kensington Market, Toronto, Mexican

You have to have Churros when you come!

9. Pedestrian Sundays! The last Sunday of every month from May – October, Kensington Market hosts Pedestrian Sunday’s with the market being closed from 12pm – 7pm! Enjoy the market with artists, musicians, & performers!

10. Simply BE! Enjoy the market! :)




Check out my latest video in Kensington Market from the weekend! :)

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