Calle Jon De Hamel, Havana, Cuba

By | March 4, 2011

So after my crazy mojitos incident con los Mexicanos, the following morning I received a phone call from Maddiel my friend I met on Couch Surfing. He had asked what my plans were and I told him I was going to Calle Hon de Hamel in Vedado which Eva told me about. It starts every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and there is Afro-Cubano music and dancing! It’s very artsy! He said he could spend his day with me. ( He actually wanted to spend the entire day with me. I ended up parting ways after 6 hours. I’m sorry, no offense, but 6 hours is enough time to speak with anyone. Tell you later on as you read lol ) I told him I’d meet him in half an hour in Vedado. 30 minutes is really a short amount of time speaking from a girls perspective and getting ready. I made it in 45 and that was with a taxi. It was cool because he knew I’d be late being a girl. Why are we never on time?

Before entering our destination, Maddiel took a picture of me. While he was about to take a picture of me, when a little boy came and posed in it. Oh soooo cute! Little Cubano child! Precious! I love listening to children speak in foreign languages. SNAP the picture is taken! The little boy holds out his hand for me to pay him! LOL What a cute little boy ( eyes rolling! Yeah right! Here kid take a peso…….lol

We got to Called Hon De Hamel. Oh my gosh, what a vibrant place full of colour! It was so alive. Art work everywhere by a man named San Salvator.

 ” Fear is just a name. A bit of nothing in the chest. No one has ever seen it, but they all speak of this empire. Some say it does not exist. Others that it is true. ” See your fear and helps others to overcome seeing it. ( The last part I don’t know how to translate 100% in English! Opps! You get the gist no?

As you walk into the area, you can hear Afro-Cubano music. The Cuban drums! The beat! The soul! The rhythm! People gathering around feeling the energy this music was giving. It was amazing!

The artist San Salvator who did all of the art work seems like a pretty cool guy from all he writes on his art work. It’s as though he is a philosopher and he expresses his messages in colour and writing. Cool dude! He rocks! He is like a Life Coach Artist I think!

If you look for a place, walk……. – Salvador

Exactly! That’s what I’m saying Salvador! If you want something in life, go after it! Walk to it! It’s yours! Everything you ever wanted in the Universe is there. It’s waiting for you! It might not necessarily come to you on your door step. You need to walk! And maybe without Cuban mojitos, but with a clear mind! 😛

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