So you think Cubano because I am from Canada, I am rich?

By | March 5, 2011

 Canadians give Cuba a lot of money through travel. There is a statistic somewhere, but I’m just lazy to google it. lol 😛 If you are Canadian then you know this is true! Everyone goes to Cuba for a week to getaway from the cold. It’s only 3.5 hours in flight time. There are beautiful beaches and it’s one of the Caribbeans cheapest islands to travel to. What’s not to love? ( Especially when it feels like – 30 C with the wind! Ahhhh)
So, I’m walking in Havana and I see my friends Alex and Eric that I met earlier that week in the street where it seemed they ran the town, or I should say street! Remember, I told you I met some gangsta type Cubanos? Well, the one of them asks me to send him a computer hard drive to them. He said it so nonchalantly. How much is that? A couple hundred at least right? Oh my gosh, they gave me a free chicken dinner and now I owed them part of a computer! LOL It was so interesting for him to ask me straight up like that.I was thinking in my head, if I want to do a nice gift honestly why not give it to my single parent Mom who has done everything for me?  :PYou know what I mean? Well if you don’t come from a single parent home then maybe you don’t know what it means. I have been brought up in a household of helping to pay for so much. I’m not saying oh be the victim and cry me a river. I’m just saying that they think because I am from Canada, I have a lot of cash money. The lens they see is Canadians coming from Canada to travel Cuba with $$$$. We come here to Cuba and they see us spend money. They see a different lens. It’s an interesting perspective they see of us. I told him to email me and I’ll look into it. :) I think that if they came to Canada and saw people working, they’d be in shock. It’s true we work here! Although, how nice would it be if I won Lotto Max tonight? lol

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