Telling A Stranger My Secrets in Cuba= Form of Therapy lol And free!

By | March 5, 2011

I was walking on Calle Obispo after leaving the gansta Cubano guys, when I saw Francesca my Italian friend I met at the restaurant with the circus clowns two nights before. How neat to run into people in Havana.I was so happy to see her! Here I was a tourist of the city and was already bumping into people. What whatttttt!  😛 Francesa was in Cuba for two month from Italy traveling alone for the first month in Havana and then meeting up with friends who were coming soon from Italy. She learned so much Spanish in her one month in Cuba. Props!  We were communicating in Spanish the entire time. :) We grabbed some pizza and walked along the street chatting.

She wanted to check out this restaurant to have a drink at that she heard about. We came to our destination and I realized hey that is La Marina restaurant where I met my waiter Alfredo a few days prior and had lunch!! That’s so funny!

We had daiquiris together and then started shooting the shit. ( I like that expression shooting the shit, I wonder who made that up? lol )  Two girls together talking over daiquiris! Women from Venus communicating emotions and feelings! Gosh, I just love being a girl talking to a girl. It’s so different than talking with guys. Oh how I love the land of communication. It’s a fantastic world of expressing all of your emotions! lol And for women those can be roller coasters of emotions! I know I am definitely from Venus hands down!

I told her how I’d like to go to Italy and meet a hot Italian man to learn Italian with. She told me that they are all hot, but have no brains. LOL hahahahahhahahahahaha Wait maybe this is a Universal thought about men in general. Well not that they are all hot, but most have no brains.  Oh dryyyyyy,  SNAP, burn!!!! lol just joking…… So we started talking about guys and relationships. I told her there is this one special guy that I care about and I can’t seem to forget. It’s been a few years now, so I’d like to let go, but then the other part of me wants to hang on forever. 
How amazing it feels to tell a complete stranger secrets that won’t be shared!! It’s so crazy how you can open up to someone you don’t know and tell them all your thoughts and know they won’t tell anyone because, hey chances are you won’t even ever speak again. It must be a form of therapy in releasing. Hmmmmmm and it was free. :)

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