Walking Around Havana with Maddiel – So he is a Jinetero!

By | March 5, 2011

Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Maddiel and I were walking around Havana. He took me to Hotel Nacional de Cuba which is a pretty famous hotel he said. It was so pretty. He was telling me about his plans to move to France now that he married that lady. It is of course such a great opportunity to leave Cuba. 

He believes in the Law of Attraction and The Secret. I asked him if he felt limitations living in Cuba and for the most part he didn’t. Maybe it’s his mind that wanted to leave which attracted the lady he married and got married to which is allowing him to create a life outside of Cuba? There are no coincidences! You attract what you think about! He dreams of one day having a clinic that offers different holistic services. He is not sure yet where he’d like to do that and that is perfectly fine. He is on the journey. :) It’s nice to hear people dream out loud and set their intentions out to the Universe. To have belief and faith that they will happen. To feel as though their dreams are already manifested into existence but are waiting out there intangible to collect!

We both took pictures with our own cameras. He had an old digital camera that required batteries to use. It was nice of him capturing pictures of his city. I bet he will love them even more when he goes abroad to live. That’s what happens when people leave their home. People complain about the way it is, and then they leave and might realize the grass isn’t green on the other side. They might realize home is where the heart is! I know for myself, I appreciate Canada so much more because I have lived abroad for many years. I think every place has great qualities and we need to appreciate what they offer. We won’t ever see that contrast unless you experience it first hand. That’s the way life is as well, you have to experience it! Words can’t teach you about life, you have to LIVE IT! I wish Maddiel all the best of luck!

We walked along Maleon which is a seapath that leads all the way to Havana. It was so beautiful! I loved the blue colour of the sea. I loved these huge waves that came up and crashed along the sidewalk. I love the little children playing with the water! It was something really pretty that I’ll always remember you know. 

Ok, ok, so Maddiel’s phone rang. And as you know I have a good understanding of Spanish. So, I hear him tell his friend that he is working now! ” Estoy trabajando.” What? What are you talking about Maddiel I was thinking in my head. He and I spoke in Spanish with each other so I don’t know why he would day that. Remember I told you in Cuba there are people called Jineteros which are tour guides and you pay them? Someone on my trip told me that sometimes Cubans are really nice to you, but it’s because they want your BLING! It kinda made me feel sour for a second. I mean if you want me to pay you, then you tell me straight up from the beginning that you want that. Ask and it is given. That’s why he was telling me before that he dedicated his entire day to me. He saw me as $$$$$$$. What a turn off it is people being nice to you just for money. YUK! I didn’t say anything, I just played dumb as if I didn’t hear.

He made our way through to Havana.We walked on the pathway trying to not get hit by the waves.We walked down Paseo del Prado which reminded me of Las Ramblas in Barcelona. It’s a path to walk on in the centre of the road. On the pathway you can find musicians, artists selling their artwork, and people just hanging out. :) Ahhhhhh picturesque!

Paseo del Prado, Havana

Maddiel and I parted ways once we reached Capitolio. He was soooooo hard to tell him I wanted to part ways with him.He wanted to hang out more. He told me again that he dedicated his day to me. Yeah buddy, cause you want my $$$$.  I spent maybe 5 hours with him.It’s really nice and all, but sometimes it’s nice to walk in a foreign city alone observing all that there is. To walk in silence and listen to the sound of the city. You miss things sometimes by distractions. You miss watching the little boy play with his ball, or hear the waiter saying something silly with his co-workers, or miss watching couples in love and kissing in the park. * well not that I wanna be a creeper and watch people make out now LOL). I love being the observer of life! I thanked Maddiel for his time. Did he want me to give him money? I think so. He didn’t say it but I could feel it.  I bought him lunch before that day. He didn’t ask me for money. Maybe if he would have asked then I would have given. I didn’t want to just take out money and say here you go. I felt it was like charity but at the same time I didn’t feel bad not giving him money because I bought him lunch. Hmmm should I have? I’m confused.  The general rule of thumb in life is this: Ask and it is given!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t ask for what you want then the Universe doesn’t know how to deliver!

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