Where is the world would you rather be? Hamilton Island!

By | March 6, 2010

G’Day Fabulous! I am writing to you from a piece of paradise called Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia. I have been here sharing this experience for six days now with my grandparents, sister and Auntie. I am so glad that we came because it’s FABULOUS!!!! Their tag line for tourism is “Where in the world would you rather be?” Yes, I agree!!!!! Sea, Sun, Lush Foliage, Mountains, Tropical Climate, Yacht Club, Restaurants, Pools, Golf, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Now, I took the tag line to an entire new level when thinking about my response. How so? Well, I thought to myself “ hmmmmm That sounds like a Fab experience to have into my life experience.” Why not apply for a position within the resort since I studied Hotel Management? Before I left Toronto, I decided to take a look at their career section of their website to see the existing positions available. There weren’t any that were administrative that I could see( Which is something I would want since my last position was Food & Beverage Coordinator at the Chateau in Lake Louise). There was however a Food & Beverage Server Position which is something I have done in the past. I just applied.
While I was in Adelaide during my first week here, my Aunt received a message on her answering machine from a gentleman from Hamilton asking for me to return his message. I called back and we had setup a time for an interview, which was then followed by another interview however in HAMILTON ISLAND! I had it a few days ago with the Manager at the Yacht Club. (Now, just a Quick bit of info about Hamilton Island and Sailing. Every year, the island holds the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week which is one if the premier sailing regattas in the Southern Hemisphere. This event attracts the cream of yachts and crews for a week of competition on the island. The opening of the Yacht Club took place in August of 2009!) The manager spoke to me not of the food & beverage position but an administrative/coordinator position that they decided to have once they saw my resume. Hey, this is the type of position I was actually looking for in the first place when wanting to work on the island!!! LAW OF ATTRACTION!!! Twilight Zone Dou dou dou dou!!!! LOL!!!!
On Monday I will check out staff housing of the resort! The position would be from 12 – 8p.m. This would mean I could coach in the mornings before work and on the days off should I choose to live on this island!
Where in the world would you rather be?
Creating life deliberately!

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