First Experience Of Living on a Permanent Vacation to Cuba Complete

By | March 7, 2011

When I started the journey in Cuba of living on a permanent vacation with 3 weeks work, and 1 week vacation, I was just going with it. I didn’t research Cuba before I left to know what it was all about. I never knew if you took US money there, you’d pay a fee of 10%. lol I didn’t know all the must see places in Havana to go to.  So, it helps to research a bit! :) That was a lesson I learned and could take with me for my next trip.

I didn’t know how safe it was traveling there alone as a lady and it didn’t help everyone was instilling fear into me. Telling me to watch Taken ( seen it) and to put my mobile on because it has gps and knock on wood if anything happens to me. ( I think it’s the safest place ever! I took a taxi at 2:00 a.m. in Havana a few times which dropped me off on the main street a few streets away from Eva’s house. I walked on a dark street with few light poles lit up and was perfectly fine. I asked people for directions and they were soooooo helpful!)

I had no issue in traveling alone to Cuba. I am so use to always being alone from living abroad in different countries. I’d spend days anywhere whether Grand Cayman, Barcelona, or Athens walking around alone the entire day, so that was fine.

The biggest lessons I learned were:

  • Fear is something the mind creates preventing you to live your dreams.
  •  We can live any reality that is outside the box, just start the journey.
  • Cuban people have a good life and are happy people. Sometimes, I think they have it better than a lot of people!

My first experience of living a permanent vacation to Cuba was complete! I am so grateful for everything I saw, everyone I encountered and for all that I learned!

Next Stop: New Orleans, U.S.A

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