Honeymoon Travel Bridal Shower

By | March 20, 2013

Have you ever considered having a Honeymoon Travel Bridal Shower? I think it would be a cool idea as an alternative bridal shower theme. Traditionally, bridal showers gather close women family & friends in a day of celebration having lunch or tea, and gifting presents for the bride’s kitchen and home. Over the last few years, monetary showers have become increasingly more popular, which at first even I thought it was strange. Now it’s become more common, or at least having the option with writing on the invitation stating monetary gifts being preferred. I know some people still think it’s tacky, but with couples now living together and having these items, it makes more sense.

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A honeymoon travel bridal shower could have a specific theme where you choose everything for example Hawaiian, with orchid flower centre pieces, tiki cocktails etc, or you could have a general travel shower, where you give suggestions to the bride in where to go and help her plan. In this case, I would place a bristol board on each table with a different continent on each table and ask the table to cut and place the best places the couple should travel to and write some tips. This could be a fun and interactive way to bring people together. It’s just an idea! 😛 And you know me, I always have travel on my brain. ha ha Well think about it, people get excited about the possibility of travelling and imagine having a party just about YOUR DREAM HONEYMOON?????

Happy Travels!


If you have had a Honeymoon Travel Bridal Shower before, please write in the comment box below any tips and suggestions. Thanks!

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