Missing The Cayman Islands

By | March 21, 2011

Sometimes I really miss the Cayman Islands having lived and worked there for a year in 2005 – 2006! I was a beach girl/server barefoot serving pina coladas and Cayman lemonades on Seven Mile Beach for The Westin Casaurina Resort in Grand Cayman. Ahhhhhhh those tropical days!!! Having lived in the Caribbean, having a Jamaican boyfriend there and being rasied in Scarborough ( part of Toronto), I with no doubt have a love and appreciation for reggae! Reggae just RESONATES with my HEART & MY BOOTY! LOL!!!!!
I originally was looking to buy a bottle of water to take back to my hotel room, when I walked into a bar on Bourbon St.On Bourbon St. in New Orleans there are several bars that have 20 different kinds of frozen cocktails in styrofoam glasses for you to carry while you are walking.So, I walked in and heard reggae music which was enough for me to screw the water and order myself a yummy frozen lime margarita! LOL I enjoyed every bit of it with nostalgia, having it take me back in time!What a magical experience it was!

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Dreamosity on March 22, 2011 at 7:19 pm.

Elaine! What a fun trip you had, good for you!!



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