Going back to Canada on scheduled date.

By | March 22, 2010

OK, so I changed my mind and I’m going to leave Aussieland as the original plans for April 8th back to Canada. I had a job interview on Hamilton Island when I was there with my family a few weeks ago and was offered a position working in the yacht club. I WAS excited in working there.  And NOW I am excited in going home. ( Actually I am pretty much excited in general :) )  Before comfirming the position, I needed more facts from the employers as well as some more time to think about what it is I want.
The facts were put on the table about employment with Hamilton Island. I looked at the pros and the cons.
Here they were:
  • Working on a beautiful island
  • New position that can evolve
  • Experiencing living life in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Working in a beautiful yacht club
  • Being able to travel and explore Queensland
  • Gaining more hospitality experience
  • Learning new water sports
  • New position with no clear job description
  • New position with title not approved yet ( which meant they wanted me to go under an f & b attendance position)
  • They want to pay as a f & b attendant while do admin/event coordination work
  • Staff Accom not so good ( And I have seen some staff accom in resorts) with shared toilets and showers
  • Island is owned by one family, unlike working in the Caymans where it was an independant island.
  • There would be a significant decrease in my coaching work
I started having second thoughts of working and living in Hamilton Island…………….. It didn’t seem as sparkly as it was previously. I started to think this would be a position I would have loved years ago when I came out of College when I studied Hotel Management. Or even this would be good to take if I wanted to continue a career working in resorts, but my path is more on personal development so it’s not. Then I thought about my home Toronto, and going back to such a vibrant city just before summer. A big city with a lot going on during the summer months. Meeting great people networking, events, festivals, bbq’s family and friends. :) The last summer I had at home was the summer of 2007!  In my last blog, I felt as though I would regret had I not had this experience. I don’t feel that way anymore. Perhaps because I have had many neat experiences abroad, or maybe because I shared a beautiful 8 days on the island with my family. Or maybe because the summer seems so alive to me in Toronto. I am able to walk away content with memories and feeling I made the right choice.
So, a  day or so after I came to this realization, the manager called me to tell me that they are not going ahead with the position because they are unable to promise a title or pay increase and wouldn’t want me to be dissapointed. I felt a big ” NO WORRIES:”!! Yes, it makes perfect sense. I am from Canada, and if I did want to stay on the island it would be imperative to have a job title, decription and proper pay! It really was the law of attraction and I am meant to go home to Canada! See how things happen!!  See you soon in two weeks!
Love, Elaine

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