Final Countdown for MYBBB, Elaine Shares Her Travel Vision Boards

By | March 27, 2013

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We are are in the FINAL COUNT DOWN! We have less than a week for voting to make it to the Top 10 in My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List finals in London! In this video, I talk about where I would like to go if I win MYBBB. To tell you the truth even if I don’t win MyBBB, I will make it to these places because it’s been my dream even before the competition started.


Initially I thought by creating these travel vision boards, I’d have more clarity in where I’d want to go if I won a trip around the world for 6 months. When cutting out the travel images, I didn’t get more clarity. In fact, it made me wonder how I would visit all these places in such a short time. What is Elaine saying you are probably thinking. Well last year for example when I went to Greece in August, I went for a month and a month wasn’t enough! LOL I guess you have to be grateful for the opportunity of even being able to go for 6 months around the world, or my month in Greece. :) Also, if I won, I’d really want to visit all of the local experts and promote their destinations! I would actually feel bad choosing to go to one over another. LOl…. So we can just make MYBBB for a year then! 😛 Our world is too beautiful!

Voting ends March 31st, 2013. Click on the badge and support my travel dream! xx Elaine

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