10 Reasons Why My Grandma is Gangsta

By | April 3, 2013

1. She has 96,000 views on You Tube for doing the Harlem Shake!

2. She has her own Facebook Fan Page: Giagia Maria Greek Harlem Shake


3. She LOVES The Godfather.


4. She knits slippers.


5. She makes the BEST TARAMOSALATA EVER! ( Greek Dip made from Fish Roe!)


6. She knows how to drive & drives my Grandpa around!

7. She can Belly Dance!

8. She can speak three languages: English, Greek & Turkish.

9. She goes for coffee every night to Tim Hortons!


10. She wishes she had some Corleone roots so she could put certain people in their place! LOL

Now if that’s not gangsta, I don’t know what it! 😛

Elaine Sarantakos
Fabulous Living Coach
Toronto, Canada

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