First Day Cartagena, My Pappou Died

By | April 12, 2012

My Pappou George Sarantakos

Hey Everyone, This is a video about my first day travelling to Cartagena, Colombia. After taking a taxi and arriving to El Viajero Hostel, I logged into Facebook to tell my family that I arrived safely. It is then I saw on my home page my sister had written my Grandpa, my Pappou in Greece died. I started crying. It was very emotional and sad to find out from Facebook, and just having landed. It was his time to leave this physical earth being 92 years old and having lost his vision the last two years and not being able to walk. I included in the above video a clip from my baptism on March 21st, 1984 when he sang for me. Actually now that I think of it, he died on March 21st, 2012 28 years later. Now he is my travel angel. R.I.P Pappou. xoxoxo

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