By | April 17, 2009

A week ago or so I woke up not from another amazing dream but from bumps on my skin. I thought oh maybe it’s an allergic reaction to something. I said to myself it will just pass. Little did I know there has been a bed bug outburst in the staff housing that I am living in. YIKES!
That’s right, I have bed bugs!!!!!!! It’s disgusting! It’s gross! I have to wash all of my clothes in hot water, dry them in a high temperature, and move into a new unit. This definitely was not on my agenda on my Greek Orthodox Good Friday.

I could right now say to myself the following:

I don’t have time for this! This is disgusting. I am tired and just want to relax. I am leaving anyways in a month so why don’t I just pack up and leave? Today I took a vacation day from work and look what happened to me. I moved into this unit 3 weeks ago because of renovations on my floor and look how unlucky I am. It’s all my employers fault. It’s also snowing in Lake Louise while it’s 18 degrees C in Toronto. That’s sucks! What are the chances this happened to me? I have to wash all of my clothes in the laundry room in the basement of my building. Up and down, up and down. I have to move to an entire new building right now. I have to clean it. I just hope there isn’t bed bugs there! Now I have to disconnect my phone line and reconnect it to my new building. Telus took 11 days 3 weeks ago to hook up my phone because of where we live. It will probably happen again. I have my clients I coach. How will I connect with them now? I have my Coach U classes too! I guess I will have to buy phone cards and call from work.

The list could go on and on……………………..
( I will be back in a second. I just have to put all of clothes in the dryer! Wink wink!!!)

Instead I am choosing to remain in a positive state of mind! I am pausing for a moment to collect my thoughts and take a deep breath in. 6 counts inhaling, 6 counts holding and 6 counts exhaling. Lets really look at the situation now. It has already happened so I can’t change the fact that I have bed bugs. All I can do now is move forward. It’s not my employers fault, or anyone’s fault. This is what happens in an area where a lot of people are living and with so many transient people always coming and going. My employer is finding me a new place to live. My employer has given me keys to the laundry machines so that I don’t have to pay to clean all of my clothes. They also gave me laundry detergent which I am very grateful for. I prefer to go up and down doing my laundry than to know it’s still in my clothes. They will be killed now instead of me taking them to my home in Toronto!!! Hey I found $20 in my ski pants that I had forgotten about. I love it when that happens! It’s cold in Lake Louise but I knew it was like that in the mountains. I will be in Toronto in less than a month and will be able to enjoy hot weather there! I really did have a problem with my phone company. This time it will be easier! In the meantime I can buy phone cards. It’s not like I will be paying for days I have no connection anyways!

Ok ok Elaine you’re thinking. How can you be so positive? Are you denying the situation? NOT AT ALL! The truth is it’s a shitty, bullshit situation. I know those aren’t nice words to say but I am being REAL! It’s a situation that no one should be in. I can’t say it was a great learning experience lol The matter of the fact remains that I can’t do anything about it. It happened! It’s done! La musica è finita! I can’t let this bed bug issue ruin my day or weekend. If I sit here and think about how bad it is then I will get all worked up, stressed and negative. Being negative attracts negative. It’s my birthright to be happy and so I shall be! GOOD BYE BED BUGS!!!!!

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