“No Gracias” – Cartagena, Colombia

By | April 20, 2012

No Gracias

Do you want a statue, maracas, jewellery, cigars,sunglasses paintings, fruit? NO GRACIAS! Ok, well the yummy fruit I wanted in Cartagena, Colombia.( I had the yummiest Mangos!) Tourists are bombarded by locals asking if they want to buy souvenirs. What they don’t realize is that it gets annoying very fast. What happens is when someone approaches you, automatically you start saying “No Gracias” even if you really want whatever it is they are selling. Some of the stuff really is beautiful, but you start getting defensive and “No Gracias” just rolls off your tongue. Perhaps if they changed their strategy they’d sell more? Not sure! I had fun with the No Gracias and could not stop laughing at how much we were approached. In this video I have Brie, a backpacker from Melbourne, Australia being asked non-stop to buy anything you could name!

Lots more travel videos from Cartagena to come!

Thanks for watching!! xx

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