Aussie’s Lost a Tube of Vegemite on Their Backpacking Travels

By | April 24, 2012

Vegemite - An Essential Australian Backpacking Item

Vegemite, an Australian essential to pack when travelling for long periods of time abroad. While staying at El Viajero Hostel in Cartagena, Colombia, I met two Australian ladies who brought with them 4 tubes of Vegemite. I never knew there were travel sizes for Vegemite, but the tubes apparently are better for packing. Unfortunately, they lost 1 tube! Was it lost or was it stolen by another Australian who was nostalgic for some Vegemite? That will remain a mystery!!!! Luckily, they have a friend who will be meeting up with them from Oz and she will bring another tube! lol Love it!

Vegemite On Toast

In the video below we have two Aussie’s, a Norwegian, and myself ( But hey, I have an Aussie passport too!!) from Canada having Vegemite at breakfast.

Describing Vegemite:

Thomas: “Awful”
Bev: “Perfection”
Elaine: “This time doesn’t seem super gross.”

I might not like Vegemite, but I’m still an Aussie!!!!! Here is a picture of me modelling some Aussie Pride in Adelaide. 😛

G'Day Mate! Heyyyyy

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