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By | May 7, 2012

This video takes place on my second day in Cartagena, Colombia. I know there are a lot of people want to travel, but perhaps they are alone & they think what am I going to do alone? How am I going to travel alone to another side of the world? You can do it! Never be scared to travel alone when you stay in a hostel. In this video, I share my day travelling around Cartagena with 2 other backpackers I met at El Viajero Hostel. We had so much fun together, although we just met. This is the backpacking spirit! We visited Makuto Chill Out Hostel, El Media Luna Hostel and Santo Domingo Hostel. We walked inside the wall city through colourful streets. We visited Plaza Santo Domingo where we were bombarded to buy souvenirs. We had delicious fruit from a lady with a fruit basket on her head – La Palanquera, We took lots of pictures. We laughed! We had an amazing time. This is our experience as backpackers connecting through travel. If you like this video please comment, like & subscribe.

Backpackers Taking Pictures

La Gordita - Fernando Botero, Plaza Santo Domingo, Cartagena

Pool at Media Luna Hostel

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