Visiting Three Ex-Boyfriends that all happen to be in London

By | May 7, 2011


Somehow, someway I saw three ex’s in London. How did they all manage to get there? LOL….. One was one I dated for a year when I lived in the Cayman Islands. Another one was just a 2 or 3 weeks relationship when I lived in Greece. As you can tell it was very serious. The third guy wasn’t an ex, well maybe just in my head! lol Which is why, I had to stop talking to him because my bestfriend said, “Elaine, You’re going to be on Dr. Phil one day for having a relationship with a man that’s only in your head!”

It’s nice to catch up with ex-boyfriends, especially when you end of good terms. Catching up with Michael was really lovely. We met while I was working in the Cayman Islands at a resort as a beach girl serving Pina Coladas barefoot on the sand. He was working in the towel hut giving towels to guests. You know beach girl meets towel boy, after work Heinekens at Coconut Joes and the rest was history. LOL!!! Good times! We actually lived together for awhile too! I learned so much about Jamaican culture! Ohhhh memories!!!

Nicholas & Elaine

The second guy Nicholas & I dated only for a few weeks while I was studying in Athens Hotel Management. He was in the Culinary Arts program and I knew him from mutual friends. Or was it his mutual friend who I dated for two weeks the year before? LOL OMG!!! I remember he made New Years Dinner for my best friend in Athens and I. YUM! Men with Chef skills are very sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!

The third man, well………. He has a girlfriend. HOLA girlfriend!!! lol……. Basically a closed story which I can honestly say I am finally happy it’s closed. Adios Amigo!

I dedicate this song to the third man! One day your gonna wish. Opps too late! 😛

There are my three men in London!!! Well an International girl has to have international men right? 😛

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