Windsor Castle

By | May 9, 2011

The Windsor Castle

Traveling in London, I really wanted to see the Windsor Castle which is the official residence of the Queen! I visited so many historic attractions in London, this is one that I though must be included! I did have my London Pass which included it too! It’s actually just an hour outside of London in Windsor & Eaton, Berkshire.

Windsor is soooo pretty! Little shops all around. Flowers were blooming. Awwww English spring time! I felt as if I was watching an English fairytale or maybe I was in it? After having my mushy peas for lunch, I was walking on my way to the castle when I was a man dress in green who looked like an Irish leprechaun from my Lucky Charm’s cereal box!! LOL It invited me in his store to try some Eaton Mess Fudge!

St. George's Chapel

What I like about traveling in the U.K is that almost all the attractions I visited had audio guides that you can listen to at your own pace. :) I liked visiting the Windsor Castle, but I didn’t LOVE it! I preferred more so Hampton Court Palace and learning about King Henry & his wives. Plural that is. Wivessssssssss. LOL I swear if I had married him, there would have been no way he would have gotten my head! He needed a time out!

Admission: £16.50 Adult £Child 6.50
You can direct trains from Waterloo!

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