Meeting Business Men Up in the Air

By | May 10, 2011

In the airplane to Paris

Upon checking in to my flight with Air Transat to Paris, the lady at the counter gave me a flyer for those wanting to pay to stay in the first class lounge called Plaza Premium Lounge at YYZ. You can pay for an hour, two hours or three hours which includes a self serve bar, hot buffet, Wi-Fi, newspapers & comfy seating. The first thing I thought of was hot business men flying up in the air in first class! I’ve always said my future husband flies a lot. He flies in first class since you know he’s this world traveler/adventurer/business man. *SO HOT* He gets around…. So naturally I thought I needed to go up and check it out. I mean wouldn’t you want to as well? I took the elevator up to check out the scene. No hotties. Ok, well at least I checked it out. I probably did still send out positive vibes to the Universe of my intentions!

Instead, I went to the bar down stairs and ordered a glass of Australian Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay at the bar. I sat next to this Swedish man who lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He has been traveling around for the last year or so. He told me he was a Space Coordinator. What the heck is a Space Coordinator? I’d like to know since my head is always up in the clouds and in far galaxies. I thought I needed more of a logical serious man to eventually be my partner to keep me more grounded so I wouldn’t fly away since I’m here and there. But I mean if someone wants to fly with me then I’m in! LOL ” Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars, let me see what life is like on Jupiter and Mars” – Frank Sinatra …..He told me I should go to Switzerland while I am in Paris. I’d love to go! I’d love to go everywhere! I thought of my friend who had moved to Switzerland and had invited me to go. I can’t go because this trip is all about Paris. I want to explore all of it so I can walk away with a round impression of the city.

I had gotten spoken to by Air Transat’s flight attendant for trying to cross to through the middle section where there is that extra leg room in the first isle. Bad Elaine! Apparently you aren’t able to walk through people’s seats like that. I was walking through the middle section and the plane was moving and I almost fell on people’s laps. lol Ah maybe that’s why you aren’t suppose to walk through there? What I was trying to do was look for a friend’s brother that I haven’t seen since 2003 who was apparently on the flight. With 8 years passing by maybe I couldn’t recognize him? So I walked up and down the isle looking at people’s faces trying to recognize him. People must have thought there was something wrong with me. lol I asked the flight attendant if she had a list of the names to find which seat he was in. She came back and told me he was in G33 but there was no one in that seat. Where did he go? Did he disappear? Where could he possibly be? I saw his parents as I was running in Toronto to check in my suitcases because I was late. His Mom started yelling at me in Greek to run. lol He must be on the flight! Hello, can you hear me? LOL I’m here!

I’m so tired especially with this wine. We’re going to eat now and then I’m going to pass out.

What awaits in Paris? A magical experience! An authentic travel experience! Je nais se pas!

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