Musee Picasso will reopen in Spring 2012.

By | May 17, 2011

There were signs everywhere pointing for the direction of Musée Picasso. According to the map in my Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Paris, I was so close, but not close enough! Hmmmm It’s at 5 rue de Thorigny. Let’s start the walk!

I was so happy to get to the Picasso Museum after my Indiana Jones attempt in discovering where it was through many streets and turning right and left and walking straight. Once I got there, I read a sign that said, ” Dear Visitors, we must inform you that the Musee National Picasso is closed for renovation, and will reopen Spring of 2012.” Well isn’t that convenient hey? Did it say this in my guide book? Let me check………. It says the museum is closed for renovation work, which should be completed by 2012. LOL….I get an A for reading! I guess I will have to come back next year! In the meantime there are some more museums I see here in Marais & The Bastille! Now I just have to make sure that they are open! 😛

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