Falling asleep in Notre Dame

By | May 18, 2011

I had a fabulous 30 minute nap in Notre Dame, Paris. I feel asleep on a wooden chair amongst the others praying in the cathedral. I didn’t know where to go and where to turn because I was so exhausted from the jet lag and only having slept 4/5 hours my first night in Paris. My couch surfing hosts didn’t give me keys to go back to their house and I didn’t want to ask for keys just because on their profile it specifically said not to ask. LOL We had left at 8:45am, so they could start their day at work and I would explore beautiful Paris. What could I say to them, I mean they were letting couch surf at their house for 3 nights right? I probably looked like a nice Christian girl sitting while praying my sins away. 😛 Maybe I should have taken a longer nap then! 😛

I wanted to sleep so badly, that I even asked a hotel after exploring the museums in Marais & The Bastille, if I could take a nap for a few hours. Can you even do that? Or is that only at cheap motels in North America that you can rent a room for a few hours? So I’ve heard. hahaha I mean, I don’t know personally off hand. :) The Arabic man at the front desk was very friendly, and he even grabbed my hand and complimented me on my long nails. He told me that I couldn’t rent a room, but I could stay on the couch while he sat next to me. Ahhhhhh hmmmmmm maybe not! LOL Merci beaucoup though!

Notre Dame is a beautiful Gothic cathedral which was completed in 1345 although it started in 1163. The admission is free unlike the cathedrals in London, U.K. I wonder why? I can’t complain though! :) I ended up going back to the Notre Dame the following day with a Brazilian friend I made in Paris. Stay tuned for the post!

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