Place des Vosges & Maison Victor Hugo

By | May 18, 2011

Place des Vosages is one of Paris’s oldest squares located in Marais dating back to 1612. It was first commissioned by Henri IV with it’s 36 houses with red-gold brick stones. At first I was confused as to where it was and went into an art gallery to ask for directions. The man looked at me as if I was crazy and took me outside of the door and said you are here! LOL I had no idea it was right in front of my eyes! It was so funny!

The square has trees, a fountain, benches to sit at and art galleries surrounding. It’s a nice place if you wanted to sit and have a lunch with friends. Today it’s an upper class residential address. You will be also able to to visit Maison Victor Hugo ( French author 1802-1885) who lived on the second floor of the Hotel de Rohan-Guemenee, the largest house in Place des Vosges. There is free admission to Maison Victor Hugo. Do you know who he is? I had no idea! 😛 He wrote the book which is also a play Les MisĂ©rables. I remember seeing that book in my house when I was little from my mother. Maybe I should read the classic since I went in in house, his personal space!!!

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