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Here is what some of my Fabulous clients have said so far:

“Being coached by Elaine is an enormously enriching experience in my life. After each session I feel so inspired and motivated and I really do think I can have MY FABULOUS LIFE here and now. Through our time together I have gained totally new views of perspective and I started to realise that the only person that is holding me back is MYSELF. Elaine is so committed to my dreams and visions and she keeps me moving forward to my fabulous life. An absolutely wonderful and unique experience, I can’t imagine to miss it in my life.”

Gerhild H. Hong Kong

“Life coaching with Elaine provided a synergy that has penetrated the flow to great things I am experiencing in my life. Through coaching I am able to set aside an hour of my week to discuss and set goals, discover and clarify my true self and life vision. Week by week I see the manifestations of this. I am so grateful for this experience and entirely excited for the journey. Thank you Elaine for what you are doing, and for being a part of my coaching experience. I believe in this!!”

Niki K. Toronto, Canada

“On the verge of a life transformation, I was seeking something that would help bring me to where I wanted to be. Trying to navigate such a journey on your own is not always easy so I decided to take Life Coaching with Elaine. Gently guided by Elaine, I was helped to recognize the barriers that were keeping me from moving forward and then assisted with putting in place the steps that I needed in order to continue onwards. I’ll never again be timid or afraid of being pro-active about my life and well-being. This process has shown me that it’s okay to ask for help, guidance, assistance and support. Elaine, being an unrelated third party, was the perfect person to assist me with this. Her calm and open manner, her non-judgmental nature, and her enthusiasm about my own life made this an extremely easy thing to do. I feel that Life Coaching is a bridge. I saw the river…but didn’t know how to cross it. Now I can say I’m well on my way to the other side and happily at that; and I give most of my thanks to Elaine for this.”

Kelli J. Lake Louise, Canada

“I found my conversations with Elaine to be very positive and comfortable. Most importantly, my coaching with Elaine was very directive, and beneficial to my life’s direction. She assisted me in recognizing my own personal goals and was instrumental in getting me to set a realistic plan that helped me shape my life to be fuller, happier, more personally satisfying and more content. A deeper understanding of my life and its challenges became clearly apparent through my sessions with Elaine of Fabulous Life Coaching.”

Deborah N. Canmore, Alberta

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Adriana on December 6, 2013 at 5:21 pm.

Having Elaine’s guide and orientation on a very uncertain time of my life was like finding a ray of light on the dark.
I feel very grateful about her help and the hours of the coaching with her were the most well spent hours that I have had in years. After our conversations, I felt so relieved and light, like if I was getting rid of something heavy that I was carrying on my back.
She helped me to take decisions and to find out what I really wanted to do and to have in the future, everything was discussed on a very relaxed way, as if we were good friends since many years ago.
Mi vida es fabulosa!!!


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