I bet Parisians attract more abundance as they positively smoke cigarettes and think: What do you really want?”!

By | May 24, 2011

Friday, April 29th, 2011

I am sitting at a cafe called Le Depart on rue du Rocher – 75008, Paris near Saint-Lazare Station. I ordered a cafe allonge an a sandwich Jambon which you might have guessed is a Ham sandwich with Parisian ham. It looks like you can’t finish it, but you can! Delicious! The coffee was €2.60 and Jambon sandwich was €4.40, plus tax €7.00. Not bad at all!

There was a lady sitting down next to me all dolled up like most French women. She was wearing red heels, a beige trench couch, cute headband with a bow, looking at her phone and smoking a cigarette. I don’t know how these Parisians do it, but they make smoking look so elegant. Je ne comprend pas! It looks cool somehow! It looks healthy somehow! And it looks well, so normal! In North America, it would be a big X, but here it’s a BIG CHECK MARK! Oui, oui! I don’t smoke, well I have in the past, but I feel really tempted! I wish smoking was good for you, because then I’d be a full time smoker! But I LOVE RUNNING and I LOVE BREATHING! I don’t smoke because I have a passionate personality. ( Passionate is another word for addictive! LOLOLOL)

How do these Parisians do it? I wonder if there is an guilt in their conscience that it’s bad for you as it is in North America? Probably not……. Parisians view smoking with a positive perspective which we don’t here in North America. With manifesting and the law of attraction, I bet Parisians attract more abundance as they positively smoke cigarettes. Sitting at cafes with round tables, looking out at the elegant architecture, inhaling a cigarette while thinking about ” What do you really want?”

Oh Paris, I don’t know how you do it!……………

I’m going to explore Champs-Élysées this morning before I meet up with Hugues this young Parisian guy I met yesterday at a cafe called Loulou near the RER station: Cluny La Sorbonne. I’m meeting him at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon for lunch at the same location. I met him yesterday after seeing Notre Dame ( and my nap inside) and The Latin Quarter. I walked into the cafe honestly just to use the washroom, lol and then I thought why not just sit and absorb the Parisian ambiance?

In Paris they have these tiny 2 people circular tables. The front was packed, except for few at the very end. There was a table of 7 or 8 guys, and being a tourist and passing by the tight tables excusez-moi, of course you are going to get some attention! Being the nice French men they were to a Canadian female tourist, they asked me to join them and ordered me a small beer. Something about trying to communicate with guys in different languages is fun. It reminded me of the days I lived in Greece! One guy asked me if I wanted to go to Italy in August. I told him yes I’d love to go to Italy in the summer! Going to Italy by the end of the summer is actually my intention! It’s been what I have been talking about all this year! My intention is to have a real authentic travel experience in Italy meeting Italian men, speaking Italian with them and drinking wine. ( This guy I went out on a date with recently told me that isn’t a good idea because after my second glass of wine, I just fall asleep. HAHHAHAHA It’s true! He doesn’t want me to drink wine with him when we go out now. :P) I told the guy, let’s get this straight, when I go to Italy, I’m going to experience Italy! You don’t experience French men in Italy, you experience them in France! You know the present moment??

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