Scoring A Job Interview With Social Media

By | May 24, 2013

With creative companies using heavily social media in hiring, what a great idea it would be to use social media in landing an interview! I made a travel video showcasing in detail my personality, creativity, passion & social media skills, in the hopes of landing an interview with G Adventures. The video was uploaded on You Tube & then followed by a tweet on Twitter.


The Situation:

G Adventures, a worldwide travel company specializing in authentic travel experiences and sustainable tourism, has a video asking candidates to watch a video of their work culture. They use the Jackson 5 song, “Can You Feel IT”, and ask candidates before applying if they can feel it?

Can You Feel It? from G Adventures Culture on Vimeo.

I created a video using the same style and music and tweeted if they can feel it from me?

Within hours of the tweet sent, I received a tweet back from the owner of the company!


The following day I received a call from their Talent Agency ( HR) and had a phone interview, which was later followed by an interview at their base camp in Toronto the following week. The position I applied for was an admin sales position, which in all honestly was too entry level for the experience I have. I didn’t really mind that, as I could actually seen myself working for a company like G Adventures, as we share the same core values and vision. My main idea was to take an entry-level position, and then further grown within the Marketing team. I didn’t end up getting the position for reasons G Adventures only know.

The moral of the story: Social Media works in landing an interview!!! So go out there, and start using creative ways to get your foot in the door!


Shaan Goerge on June 18, 2013 at 1:15 am.

This is great job interview blog.
Thanks for this.


Elaine on July 6, 2013 at 12:50 pm.

I am glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by!


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