Willow’s Bid on the Boys!

By | May 30, 2009

Yesterday was Willow’s Bid on the Boys Gala in Toronto which was an unforgettable evening in auctioning off handsome bachelors with all the proceeds benefiting Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada. Willow has been offering supportive services for people diagnosed with breast cancer for 15 years now!

One reason why Willow is so comforting is because when you speak to someone at Willow you are speaking to someone who is a breast cancer survivor. She has been there and understands how the emotional and physical impact of the diagnosis and treatment.

There were 10 packages which included men of all professions. Ladies would you like a Chef, Police Man, Fire Fighter, Olympic Champion, Pilot, or Doctor to take you away????

The highest selling package was $10,000 which was called Top Gun with Jeff Lewis.

It included:

  • Breitling Ladies Cockpit Watch that will make you look like a Pilot. ( $4,000 in Value)
  • Escape to the sun on a five -day all-inclusive Carnival Cruise for two with your choice of destination which were Baja Mexico, Bahamas, or Western Caribbean itinerary.
  • Learn to fly with him! A trip on the Air Canada Flight Simulator.
  • Flying with an introductory flights with a qualified instructor. Getting to fly the plane!!
  • Flying above Niagara Falls!
  • Helicopter Tour!!!

I tried to win this one!!!!! $9,500 was my limit!!! Just joking!!

It was a great turnout for a great cause!


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