Girls just want to have fun. Adventures of Josi & Elaine in Paris begin!

By | June 2, 2011

Josi & Elaine Meeting in Paris

Don’t you love it when you meet someone and you just click? You feel as though you’ve know them for a long time and you can be yourself and say what you want? Well, that’s exactly how it was with my “Loca Amica” Josi! Never did I anticipate I’d go to the Siene River in Paris that morning and meet a Brazilian girl just as crazy as me! It’s actually quite refreshing to meet people in the same vibration as yourself I must add!

Traveling alone, you have to ask people to take pictures of you or else you will just have a photo album of scenery. NOT COOL! I had asked a couple standing by to take a picture of me with the river and The Eiffel Tower in the background. They did an excellent job at taking one picture, but was one picture enough? It’s not everyday you take pictures in front of The Eiffel Tower!

Then a tall woman( taller than me, which is everyone practically lol) alone asked me to take a picture of her. She had blonde highlighted hair with a pink flower pinning it to the side and was wearing jeans and a long black jacket. Of course I can I told her!! Having so many people taking pictures of me, I must exchange this energy and give back to the travel photo taking community! lol 😛

She was speaking to me in Italian and I spoke to her back in Spanish. It was interesting in how much we could communicate in knowing Spanish and Italian together. Josi is actually born in Brazil and currently studying in Italy to become a chef. Hence the reason why she learned and spoke to me in Italian. There were a few words I could pick up on from taking my 10 week class last year in Toronto at the Instituto Italiano di Cultura. So the $400 perhaps wasn’t an entire waste of money? I wish!!! I still need to work on that! ( Italy by the end of the summer is definitely stamped on my list !!!) She was in Paris visiting an Italian man she knew who was working for a few weeks in Paris who asked her if she wanted to come for a few days. Sweet!

Please watch the You Tube Video below to see the start of our day together!

I remembered the guy Hughes who I was suppose to meet for lunch at 1:00 p.m at Cluny La Sorbonee, who I met the previous day. Ahhh, I didn’t want to meet him anymore. How do you cancel plans? I wanted to sing with Josi ” Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper! We vibed well!

As soon as I made that intention, within 30 minutes he emailed me and said he couldn’t meet up. UNIVERSE!! It was the best news ever!

There we were in front of The Eiffel Tower standing in perfect symmetry 312 meters before us in Paris! I think in away Josi was living out her mother’s dream who always wanted to visit Paris one day. It was actually quite magical to observe her eyes open wide starring at the site as though it was fulfilled :) I have always loved that part of the dream, where you see and feel the manifestation of what you wanted come into fruition.

To Be Continued……………..

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