Heinekens, Men Advice, Josi & Elaine Champs Elysees

By | June 3, 2011

Josi my Brazilian friend living in Italy and I really clicked on Champs Elysees. It was as if we were both supposed to come together for some serious fun of female bonding in Paris. She invited me to stay with her in Florence, Italy any time I want! I want to come right now is what I was thinking!! Going to Italy is what I have been manifesting this last year. VIVA ITALIA baby! Or is it viva their fine hot men? 😛 I am so excited for my Italian adventure coming up! And no doubt I will be visiting Josi within it!

She was so funny speaking to me in Italian calling me amica this and amica that. Amica in Italian if you didn’t already guess is like amiga in Spanish which means friend. We laughed and laughed. It was so nice. We had lunch at a Lebanese restaurant. ( Why not French food you’re thinking right? lol I asked myself the same thing!) We walked through Champs Elysees from the start of the street in attempt to walk to the Arc de Triomphe when it started to rain. Whenever it rains the first thing I think about is my hair. My straight hair getting puffy with my natural curls trying to sneak their way back like a thief in the night!!!

The rain however did give us the opportunity to sit at an outdoor restaurant which was covered by a canopy keeping us dry while enjoying our pints of Heineken in beautiful Paris. Cheers! Salute! We started saying all the ways we could say cheers and beer in the languages we know.

See video below!

And then Josi taught me an Italian tradition when saying cheers. Make sure to look into the eyes of the person you are cheering with so they are sure you are a trustworthy/truthful person! Hey, it’s better than what the french say if you break the stare while cheering. I learned in France that if you don’t keep the stare looking into their eyes, you will have 7 years without sex. Impossible!! You never know, so don’t break the stare!! :)

The Heinekens led to the conversation of men and ” He’s just not that into you.” I have expert experience in this situation in not accepting that my dream man is not that into me. ( Now, I have learned from it. Took awhile, but I understand now!) Trust me ladies, I have been there. I’ve even taken airplanes rides overseas to see if he was into me, even though there were clear signs. As females we don’t want to believe that they are not into us. I know, I know…. We can be so creative and make up a million excuses as to why they are into us even though they really aren’t. So my amica was sharing her story of this guy who wants to be with her but can’t commit and he is way too busy. It seems so complicated, yet men are really more simple than we think. Amica, wake up! All the amicas in the world wake up! It’s not even worth it if you have to sit there and play the waiting and guessing game. XOXOOXOXOX Big hug and cheers to your new beginning with a Heineken!

Five Reasons Why You Don’t Have Time For Men Who Are Not That Into You:

1) You are worth more!
2) You don’t have time to waste!
3) You deserve to be with someone who is there by your side!
4) There is a man who will love you exactly the way you are!
5) You can live happily ever after if that’s your intention!

We then ordered a second round! Salute, sante, cheers to the fabulous amicas in the world!!!!

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