Traveling The Latin Quarter, Paris

By | June 3, 2011

Want to take a pretty walk? Walk through the Latin Quarter. Want to experience French food? Walk straight past the Latin Quarter. LOL…….. But when traveling do have some margaritas and dance in one of their Latin bars! After your trip to The Notre Dame Cathedral, you can walk over the bridge over the picturesque Seine River to The Latin Quarter. The Latin Quarter is full of narrow streets with all sorts of neat looking restaurants to dine in of many different types of cuisines. A lot of the restaurants in the area offer a set 3 course menu for a very affordable price. Looks pretty, sounds like a good deal…….. and then????

Latin Quarter Paris

Josi and I went into what looked like a cute French restaurant to hear Arabic music instead. :) I didn’t understand because it looked French and the food looked French and it only made sense that they’d play French music because of all the tourists dining in the area. NOPE! The food was ok, ( The ok is being generous) but it was nothing really special. It’s basically low quality food sold cheaply and attractively in a 3 course set meal to tourists traveling Paris. I went another day but to a Greek restaurant and the same thing. Maybe you will have better luck than I did. I’d recommend you walk through! And I’d definitely recommend you drink margaritas and party like we did!

We had so much fun at a Latin bar in the Latin Quarter dancing and drinking margaritas! :) I love Latin dancing and music! Something about Latin music just fills me with so much energy making me come more alive/or maybe just more crazy!! LOL

And of course, I had to take a picture with the security man with the big muscles. :) he he

Coming up………. The First French man I slept with in Paris! 😛

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