Update On My Newest Hobby :P

By | June 6, 2013


I’m really excited about my newest hobby: Swimming! YAY ME, I’m so looking forward to this new hobby!!! Actually now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I can call it a hobby since I have only been once so far. What do you think? It’s like saying you’re on a diet on day 1, and haven’t spoiled your excellent eating habits. ha ha Well yesterday was day 1 and soon I will swim after this post, which will make it a day 2……so it’s a start! :)

By the way, I’m not talking about wearing a bikini and splashing in the water with a few breaststrokes and floating about. Although, I’m really good at that! I mean swimming as in exercise and doing laps! Swimming as in the exercise!

So how did you become so inspired Elaine?

Well, I was talking to my boyfriend Mark( Hola Mark!!:) ) and he was telling me about in the past how he swam a lot, and wants to go swimming to a pool here in Toronto and do laps etc etc…… It sounded so fun! It sounded like such a great work out! It sounded like it was something I wanted to get into! All of a sudden I became super inspired and motivated to use our condo pool and jacuzzi. Awww thanks Mark for inspiring me! Sometimes he motivates me and other times I motivate him. As in last week we were together in the car, and it was 8:48 p.m. and he wanted to get some drinks from the LCBO (alcohol)which closes at 9:00 p.m. Would we get there in time? I was like you know what Mark, I believe in you! You can make it on time!! And sure enough, we went there, picked up some cider, and had 3 minutes to kill. See Mark, don’t ever tell people I don’t motivate and believe in you! HA!

He took me to this swim store that is really hidden off the main road. I bought my bathing suit, which seems to be the exact same one from when I was 9 years old in swimming lessons, but in a much larger size. Oh I remember those days of swimming lessons on Thursday nights at R.K King pool. I’d have class, shower, change, my hair would be wet, and I’d be rushing to get back home in the winter to make it in time to watch Seinfield. How do I remember this? Actually more importantly, why am I sharing this on my blog????? 😛 ha ha

Floating in Greece ( This is not considered swimming! :P)

Floating in Greece ( This is not considered swimming! :P)

So I went to the pool. First I have to admit, I went into the jacuzzi for a good 10 minutes. That was heaven! Then I went to the indoor pool. Slowly climbing in the pool from the side ladder when I decided to make another detour to the jacuzzi for 5 minutes!!!! This is no lie! Then I went back to start my new hobby. I can’t make the jacuzzi my newest hobby! What hobbies do you have Elaine? I like to drink cider and chill in the jacuzzi!!! 😛

I ended up doing a bunch of laps, that I lost count. I will be going back shortly! Day 2!

Well that’s my latest! I shall keep ya posted!

What hobbies will you be taking up? Please write in the comment box below!

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