You can sleep at my house if you want a good time… lol

By | June 8, 2011

In Paris with no accommodation for the last three nights. Good times! My hotel reservation from an online booking system notified me by email when I landed in Charles Du Gaulle that it had been rejected due to “high demand.” That’s what happens I guess when you book your hotel reservations a few hours before departing for your destination. lol …I wasn’t too fussed about it since I was couch surfing the first three nights and could always search around couch or book a hostel or a hotel. Whatever was happening, I trusted was for some sort of learning experience, so I trusted it was all happening for a reason! 😛 Well, at least that’s what all my spiritual books I have been reading say! lol…. It added to my Parisian authentic travel adventure!

My couch surfing hosts introduced me to a group called on Couch Surfing called Emergency Request or Last Minute Couch Groups. Basically what it is a group that has members in it of the destination who can be notified if there are any emergencies or last minute requests for couches to surf. HOW NEAT!!!!

I joined the group, and sent out this:

Hey Couch Surfers,

This is Elaine from Canada! I have been here for two days and really LOVE it! I have been couchsurfing for the first 2 nights: Tomorrow will be my last night surfing. I had booked the last 3 nights at a couch 30-3rd and they had to cancel because it was too busy! :) ahhhhhh Can you please help me out?

For more info on me please visit my youtube.

Merci beaucoup!


Please help me Paris I thought!!!! That’s when I got my first message back telling me from a man, “Look no further. You will get a lot of messages back from men. You can sleep at my house if you want a good time.”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL, Was it the wording that through me off from this man? Do I want a good time??? Of course I want a good time, but in North America a good time can translate into him wanting to sleep with me!!! LOL…………. Ahhh Maybe someone else will message me. :)

My hosts told me some tips for the emergency request groups when looking.

1) Look at their references left if they are of good quality!
2) Check to see if the guys hosts only women or is it a mix. If they only host women maybe all they want is a “good time.”
3) Check the location of where they live.

I had some really cool offers from different people who seemed interesting. Two of them I haven’t met but are on my facebook!! HI!!!!! :)

I ended up deciding to surf with Remi who lived pretty central near Place de Clichy, the blue line on the RER. Why did I choose him? He seemed nice in the email. He had nice references. He is a film editor and I make you tube videos so I thought it would be neat to talk about film. And he lived right next to the subway line. I just had a good vibe from him!!! It felt right!

Remi & Elaine

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