A Day Visiting Montmartre in Paris

By | June 12, 2011

Cafe with the French movie Amelie was filmed!

Montmartre has to be the most picturesque part of Paris that I have visited. I highly recommend anyone who travels to Paris to visit this area! It is easily accessible by the RER train blue line. I got hooked up with having a Parisian take me on a guided tour! Sweeeet! Thank you Universe!!My Couch Surfing host Remi and I walked from Place de Clichy in to Montmartre.

Montmarte being 130 meters high on a hill which means great panoramic views of Paris! Ladies and gentlemen please take out your cameras! 😛 Montmartre is also known for the Basilica of Sacre Coeur. There is no admission to walk into the church unlike in London.LOL…. Don’t get scared if there is a huge line up because it goes by rather quickly!

Sacre Coeur

Make sure to watch the music performers!

Montmartre is also know for it’s artists!

Remi took me to a cute outdoor restaurant where we had white wine with mussels and frites!mmmmmmm

Next stop: Pigalle…….. The sex stops of Paris!

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