Naked sculptures of men all over the Greek section in the Louvre, which is much how the men like to be even in 2011. No surprise!

By | June 15, 2011

Outside The Louvre

I had quite the adventure while visiting one of the world’s most impressive museums:the Louvre Museum in Paris! From paying and not taking my ticket, to finding Mona Lisa to observing the big Italian sculptured men looking down at their private parts, it was quite the event all within an hour! 😛 They say you need an entire day to explore The Louvre Museum. I clearly didn’t read the opening and closing times in my Eyewitness Travel Top Ten Paris guide…… AGAIN!!!!!

I had a more than blonde moment while paying at the entrance. I went to the information desk and asked where to pay. The man working pointed to the self-serve booths where you can pay my credit and debit. I don’t believe there was a cash option. So I paid with my credit card and took the “ticket” to the entrance of Denon. The lady checking the tickets told me that what I had was a receipt and not the ticket. What??? ohhhhhhh, so I left it in the machine!!! FUDGE!! LOL………. How did I pay for a ticket and leave it in the machine?? Basically, I took the receipt thinking it was my ticket and walked away giving the next person in front of me a free ticket to get into the worlds most famous museum ever! lol……….

I went back to the information desk speaking with the same man that I asked how to get a ticket. He looked at me as though I was the biggest idiot! LOL………… However, he did say that it does happen everyday. So, I am not alone in my blonde moments while visiting the Louvre museum in Paris! He called to see if the ticket was printed or not and of course it was. I paid right??!! LOL While some other tourist is walking around and having a nice time thinking oh nice free gifts from the Universe!! 😛

The man told me I would have to pay again. Pay again??? Pay two times to see The Louvre on my fabulous journey? LOL Can’t you see my receipt? The nice man that he was, he let me in! Sweeeeeet! But I only had an hour until closing! The game plan was to see The Mona Lisa, Greek, Italian and Egyptian antiques. I was on a mission!

The Mona Lisa is Leonardo’s most famous paintings visited in the Louvre. I was so surprised of the size when I saw it! For some reason I envisioned it to be much larger. I couldn’t get really close because there was a pack of tourists taking pictures with their iphones an cameras!

Here she is!!

Please watch my Louvre Museum Experience!

Being Greek-Canadian and seeing parts of The Parthenon in the Louvre makes me sad, when it belongs in Greece instead of in a museum in Paris or London. Hey, give them back!! grrrrrrr lol!!!

Venus de Milo

This statue is believed to represent Aphrodite, the goddess of love. It dates back to the end of the 2nd century BC and was discovered on the Greek island of Milos in 1820. How was it discovered? Are the French politely saying it was taken from Greece??? Hey, return it back to glorious Greece!! 😛

There were naked sculptures of men all over the Greek section in the Louvre, which is much how the men like to be even in 2011. No surprise there! ha ha Ladies, you should all experience a summer in Greece! You will have too much fun!!

There were Italian Roman sculptures of men looking down staring at their private parts!! I didn’t understand what the sign said in French. It’s in my video so if you have any idea please translate because that was the only explanation I could think of!

Sleeping Hermaphrodite, Greek Antiques

And then I looked at my watch and time was up!!!!!! I need to come back and trust in the Universe that when the time is right, I will be back!!

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