Eating Arepas in Colombia

By | June 25, 2012

No a La Droga, Si a La Arepa

This is my experience eating arepas at Arepas Pues in Cartagena, Colombia with Will, a friend I met on Arepas is a very popular dish in Colombia, as well as many other Latin countries. It is a flat, round, patty made of cornmeal or flour which can be grilled, baked, boiled, or fried. In this video, I am trying an arepas which is stuffed with chicken and chorizo. In a video coming up next I will be trying ones that are grilled with only butter on top. I noticed a sign outside the restaurant which said “no a la droga, si a la arepa” which Will told me translates to “say no to drugs, yes to arepas”, which actually means saying yes to pussy. Who knew arepa was another word for “pussy”?? How they came up with this stuff, I have no idea. Thank you Will for that cultural lesson which I would have never learned without you. lol I am also trying two tropical drinks loulou and Nisparo. Thank you for watching my travel journey of living on a permanent vacation. Elaine Sarantakos, Life Coach/Travel Host

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