Travelling Greece August 2012 – Android Ktel Bus App

By | June 25, 2012

I want to show you through my one month of travels to Greece, that although Greece is in a financial crisis, the country is not in a crisis when it comes to history, beaches, islands, food, hot men and culture. I hope you see through my videos that Greece is still a prime destination to travel to and I hope to inspire you to make it a travel destination of choice.

This is my first vlog for my travel journey to Greece. I am booked to travel to Greece from Toronto for the entire month of August. I am flying Air Canada to London, and then connecting with Aegean Airlines to Athens. My first destination will be Kythera Island at Kythea Resort. Kythera Island is right under the Peloponnese, (Southern Greece). I will be taking the Ktel bus from Athens to Gythio, and then taking a ferry. I will be going to a few Islands in the Aegean, Ionion, as well as Northern Greece.

I installed Ktel Bus app on my Android which will be very helpful in me finding schedules to travel around Greece. You can install this on your iPhone or Android for free by visiting This app is in English as well as Greek.

Thank you so much for watching. Elaine Sarantakos, Fabulous Living Coach

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