Spain is a ham country! Jamon!

By | July 4, 2011

There is no where in the world you will see so much ham in your life, than in Spain. Ham is everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Returning to Spain, I was actually excited to eat a jamon sandwich from my jamon memories of 2009. You think I am joking about this jamon business, but they have jamon everywhere and even proudly hanging up! They have big legs of ham you can buy to feed the entire family. They even have Ruffles potato chips in Jamon flavour if you want a quick snack fix. These Spanish people are serious about their jamon and don’t mess around!’ It’s in their blood, and it’s what makes them grow strong! lol I never could have imagined a country to be so in love with ham. Maybe this is because I wasn’t raised eating it on a daily?

I questioned what Muslim people would do when traveling in Spain in 2009? It was later on my day when I was on a tour that I learned the Spanish made it a jamon nation way back in the day against the Muslims and Jews on purpose. I knew it! There must have been a reason for this jamon love affair!

My first breakfast in Spain was the following cafe con leche and jamon sandwich. mmmmm! lol Next time you are in Spain have some jamon!! xx

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